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  1. It's just error connecting to server once I try to log in to my RSPS. Ports shouldn't matter when using localhost. EDIT: To clarify it literally just says 'Error connecting to server' on the client. No errors on the .bat files / anywhere else.
  2. I've tried Foxtrot, Matrix, Virent, the one that comes with Rune Evo v3 718 clients, I've also tried / my no-ip in all of them. All ports are forwarded and I've scoured the internet for hours looking for a fix and none of them have worked ;(
  3. Pretty much title. I submitted this 10 minutes ago but it isn't showing up ANYWHERE so if you see another post, my bad.
  4. FIXED - I don't know how... just kept spamming run client and it eventually worked and now works 9/10 O.o Title. I've tried no.ip and localhost ( but same error. I've triple checked sub_revision and custom_client_build are the same. All ports are forwarded (443/43594/43595). Tried 4 different clients, still same problem... any help?
  5. I've tried Javas 6/7/8 (8 being newest available) for both server and client and changing them where necessary in compilers and environment variables.
  6. "I've tried different clients" .... "What am I doing wrong?" :/
  7. FIXED ORIGINAL ISSUE OF CONNECTION REFUSED (had to turn antivirus off when extracting client, dur...) I have a new error, will start a new post.