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  1. Hey guys, I'm in need of help with 2 bugs, if anyone can fix i'll pay 15 dollars and if you want ill do 7.50 before and 7.50 after so you don't think ill scam you. My skype is Nickrsps Thanks RuneLocus Support!!
  2. [COLOR="#0000FF"][B][U]Download:[/U][/B][/COLOR] [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwijyjdgozbwsah/Sorghum.jar?dl=0[/url] [URL="http://www.sorghum.tk"]http://www.sorghum.tk[/URL] [SIZE=5][B][U][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Features[/COLOR][/U][/B][/SIZE] Unique home (which I haven't seen any other servers have) Men drop Crystal keys which can be used on chest to get rares :) Custom Bosses and Over 50+ Customs such as Drygores, Malevolent, Dark blue santa hat..ect Flawless pking,100% combat,melee,range,magic. Chaotics,new items, Donator shop items available. Spirit tree Player's kill counts and deaths. Proper item bonuses like RS. Fully working banking options. Switching is near perfect,99%. Full Quick Chat. 100% Working Vengeance Donator titles! Custom Pets! All skillcapes and emotes working. (Veteran cape,Max cape,Completionist cape) Full screen,high definition available. 100% working trade. Bank tabs allowing you to organize your bank however you choose. Working money pouch. Perfect autocasting and one-click casting working 100%. Plenty of bosses with rare drop to fight with. 100% Godwars bosses. 100% Customizable Completionist cape,Max cape. Chat effects working! Friends chat fully functional with kick,ranking option. [COLOR="#00FF00"]We even have a command where players can Invite other players! ::invite ::accept![/COLOR] [attachment=104:SorghumPics1.jpg] [attachment=105:SorghumPics2.jpg] [attachment=106:SorghumPics3.jpg] [attachment=107:SorghumPics4.jpg] [attachment=108:SorghumPics5.jpg] [COLOR="#B22222"]And for some reason Rune-Locus wont let me upload more pictures then that but there is 4 custom bosses total! Thanks alot and we hope to see you soon, Owner Nick[/COLOR]
  3. Hey guys, so i'm a decent coder but I always get problems and I spent hours a day trying to fix them. I have downloaded at least 250 different sources in the past 2 weeks but every single one has a fucking problem with it. I just need someone who is [B]nice enough to send a me a nice source,client and cache to me[/B]. Usually I have problems with the cache auto downloading which is the main problem. [COLOR="#FF0000"]IF SOMEONE HELPS I WILL GIVE THEM 5 DOLLARS PAYPAL OR CO-OWNER ON THE SERVER[/COLOR] Also if you cant find me a source client and cache but you are a good coder please PM my skype below!! TY Skype:NickRSPS I would be forever grateful to anyone who can help me :) Thanks Rune-locus :D
  4. Alright so your a good coder huh, tell me how to fix one of my problems mate instead of wasting my time by you mocking me? :DDDD L0L runelocus is shit im out of here
  5. So I .JAR my client with jar maker and do everything correctly but when I click jar it takes a while and when it does load I open the Jar file and the frame of the Jar says "Jagex" and it says it cant connect. Please help anyone :( BTW revision is 317