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  1. I only do coding. Nothing with the cache. Wont ask for anything on return. Addme on skype = "Luay.husam" Thank you.
  2. funnylb

    Need a 562 Team :)

    Skype: "Luay.Husam" lets make a historical rsps :)
  3. title says it all , I got will take care of all : Hosting , Advertising and website Should start from new clean source Planning to make a 24/7 project that will survive for ever and become one of the greatest if interested add me up on Skype : "Luay.Husam" Thank you
  4. Goodmorning everyone, I have a 317 server loading 502 with great graphics. Looking for a decent coder and a partner :) my server is almost done just a few things left. I can Host + Advertise , need a webmaker too :) Add me on Skype if interested : "luay.husam" sincerely, Funny. Thank you. ;) Will make you Co-Owner :D