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    Server help

    Hello :) I need help with a few things 1. I'd like to fix using bones on altars it doesent let you. Just says nothing interesting happens 2. Currently we can not "Offer X ammount" During Trades 3. Cant get slayer task From any Slayer master. If anyone knows how to fix Thanks :) Willing to Pay For any help :D
  2. im trying to get 718 client help. will pay 20 dollars if you can help me get this client working with my server, Thanks! Pm me your skype
  3. Starting my Project on a (actually not sure on the revision i want to do yet) Revision, If anyone is interested in Starting the project with me Go ahead and Private message me :) All Help Will Be accounted for and Rewarded =)
  4. Hello, :) I am starting my project, I am i need of a couple coders. I will be paying every coder For their help,Dedication and Time. If you're interested in being apart of my project shoot me a private message :D
  5. 2250 Trophies, Th 9 level 104