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  1. No problem, its there if ya ever need it trying to practice as much as possiblw😛
  2. I was bored and wanted to design a logo for Runelocus. @Ikiliki if you like this you may use it merry xmas. Tried matching the scheme with Same dimensions as the original and here's what it would look like if you decide to use.
  3. Hey welcome to my service thread, take a look at what I have to offer below! New discord link has been updated: https://discord.gg/nPM4dPjqCD (click the banner to open) If you have issues joining, you can add me here: shadowpker#4895 I do have vouches, however they are not from this community, and can't quote anyone here. However, here's a screenshot to make up for it until I get some here as well
  4. Old thread mate it twas the last post i commented on before i took vacation from RL and remembered how good the cart days were
  5. Sounds good! It's been a while since ive last visited here
  6. I wonder how Cart is doing these days.
  7. Take it easy cart! You were a good mod
  8. God damn it cart, I legitatemly thought this theme was active I was going to switch to it ASAP even though it was from April fools?!
  9. Do you know how to revert this back to 474? I love the base, but love the osrs gameframe. Thanks