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  1. Take it easy cart! You were a good mod
  2. God damn it cart, I legitatemly thought this theme was active I was going to switch to it ASAP even though it was from April fools?!
  3. Do you know how to revert this back to 474? I love the base, but love the osrs gameframe. Thanks
  4. @Ikiliki very good point, just wasn’t sure. Hopefully it gets fixed soon
  5. Can runelocus switch back to vbulletin? I notice a lot of posts are screwed up from the ipb switch. The URL tags, spoilers etc are all screwed up especially for older useful posts/releases. if not has the team thought about fixing it?
  6. If you see my login screens, and past UI/web work you'd know what I'm good at. I work with IPB often. Can't say Ikiliki can do better when I'm the one who suggested for them to change to ipb a long ass time ago, shouldnt judge a book by its cover. I was stating a new navbar as in replace the shit default ipb navbar with a custom one i make in photoshop then code in with html. The current theme is just a simple ips theme with color/bg changes. I'm a donor and dont even got the custom cover photo option. I don't like the white toplist, it blurs my eyes going back and forth between dark and light. More emojis idk just shits and giggles tbh. And as said i havent been here in a while, always been at rune-server which their shit staff but they got some decent stuff that keeps them active with thousands of people daily. But see how it says 600+ guests visit. But how many actual members visited? 6.
  7. But whos ever online in the sb lol
  8. Hey guys haven't really paid attention to RuneLocus in a long time and just started using it again. I have some suggestions that possibly would be neat or some changes that could be taken into consideration? So anyways, I noticed like 3 or 4 people are online at max a day (but hundreds visit.) So its really dead. I think these suggestions help. -Newer ranks/colors/glows/crowns (Extreme donor, super donor, reg donor etc) -Switch back to vBulletin or change to xFerno? Some cool themes they got! -Possibly take on a web developer (paid or free) im willing to help out. But have the team approve work before published. -Have brand new logo -Take out the rank legend thing at the bottom. (Change names of ranks too so have them say Moderator or Admin etc) -Use rs2ads to advertise this site across servers/other communities (really cheap) -Have section affiliates permissions (for purchase) so someone could purchase a section just for their rsps, but only have a few like 2 a month) -More staff (that is right for the job, in my point of view @StevenAbraham has been well known possibly could be good for the job) -Have a discord channel. -Have a runelocus rsps -Custom navbar for the site (i could add one for no charge, got a few ideas in mind can show previous work) - More rsps tools -Have a toplist theme match the entire forum theme same with homepage - Less sections or maybe more -More profile customizations like cover photos -More emoticons -More store items (more money in for the owner)