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  1. Thinking of making a rsps but need a dev. if intrested in helping me let me know. I can buy a vps webhosting and domain
  2. Currently looking for a coder for rsps, I do have a vps and domain, hosting. pm me for my skype, it is a must have to communicate.
  3. Gerx

    Need a programmer

    Hello I'm making a runescape private server and need a developer/programmer to help me set either 317 pi or 718 server up. I've got a VPS ready. Please pm me if you're interested.
  4. Wow nice work I got some errors but ok. Looks good
  5. I'm stuck on auto cache downloader if someone could help me out on skype or something that would be great and I'm offering an admin position on my server. Ive got a vps ready