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  1. Wondering if anyone knows how to remove the christmas trees on the arios source.
  2. [quote name='falconpunch']It's probably located in the skills class. Search a method like, "getCombatLevel"[/QUOTE] Ya i found it int combatLevel = 0;
  3. I create new accounts on my server and my combat level is 0 + 3, if i get maxed stats, my combat level would be 0 + 138. My combat level stays at 0, does anyone know how to fix?
  4. Was the updated arios source ever released? The one with barrows and working cannon and such? I know a few people have it and i was just wondering how. I would just like to get it and play by myself because i miss arios lol and im bored.
  5. I miss arios so much, i downloaded this and play it by myself sometimes :(
  6. is this server still running? looks pretty good.