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  1. I can host rsps I prefer 317's with new items I will host for co 0wner and 10-20% donations profit if u need some one to host ur rsps feel free to private message me
  2. I'm looking for some 1 who would code my server I have source and client just needs to be coded ect but I also would like some thing added to the server such as a custom owner crown ::di (donator island) ::staff (staff zone) admin power be changed (were they can't spawn items or max, but be able to trade) dragon kite shield lime whip lava whip barrows whip bandos whip dragon whip lime santa hat if you think you can code this stuff send me a private message with a price (please nothing insane), (or can give co- and 60% of donations)
  3. I need some help with my rsps I have my client and sever but when I open server to run I get an error and it wont load ect, if some one could help me fix this I would appreciate it, you can get ahold of me via Skype- xtimmy420
  4. im looking for a coder for a RSPS I will host it and it ill be 50-50 owner ship between us, if interested message me on Skype "xtimmy420"