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  1. after i downloaded a 2006 rsps source i dont know how to make account and log into the server. can someone teach me?
  2. i dont know how to log in to a source in client from the download section
  3. anyone know if there is an online 2006 remake out there besides rune2006 or runerebels?
  4. does anyone know a spawn server that has all skills working and you can train all skills
  5. does anyone know a server that has actual dungeoneering from pre eoc runescape? when i search all i find are stupid custom dungeoneering, i want to play on a server with real dungeoneering but dont know if any exist
  6. Does anyone know a remake server for between 04 and 07 with an exp rate of at least 20x?
  7. Lots of people make lies about playing here but will quit within a week due to low xp rate. What developers don't understand is people give up when the exp is slow. If ur releasing beta then xp should be increase to at least 50x so they can test the high lvl areas. Otherwise it will end up like other servers with 0 players
  8. There is a world map for the runescape, but does anyone have a world map of the underground layer of runescape? I know that all the runecrafting altars are alligned next to each other, but I need the complete map . Or does anyone have the map of rogues den and whats around it if you noclip north south east or west of it?