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  1. I am also still looking for the Sql for the 530. If anyone can share please do.
  2. kyleeck

    Arios 498 & 530 SQL

    Does anyone have the SQL for Arios 530? I tried looking every where for it but it did not come with what @Hope released and I would really like to test and advance my Java on the codes but kind of useless if I can't get into the server.
  3. Anyone make a SQL or got the SQL who doesn't mind sharing?
  4. Hello everyone, I am pretty new to learning Java, I guess you could say. I have been trying to learn off of, `Arios 498` version which is going well not so good since it is so advanced, but I would love to code/program like that some day, I also got `Able-Scape 530` which I also like. Since I am not that experienced with java, I hope some one could point me into the right direction on which source I should be practicing on? Thanks for reading and also potentially helping me.