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  1. Raw Envy

    I'm Back

    Welcome back dude
  2. Welcome dude, feel free to join the Discord here - https://discord.gg/6rK7dcr
  3. Hey, if you join the Discord we can help you sort this out.
  4. Looking good dude! Are you doing graphics only or doing front-end development work too?
  5. Discord server setup with roles and channels Server dependencies dockerised and docker-compose integrated with gradle build script Discord webook setup with Github to show commit logs Starter banks setup (still minor configurations needed) Discord bot - basic features currently like messaging when a new player logs in to the game, but we can easily add a bunch of features to this Your first kill of the day gives double the reward Loads of graphics created Edgeville home edits - we will showcase the home area soon once we've finished adding NPCs and such All skills offer a 20% XP boost when trained in the Wilderness New players join the OSF clan chat Fixed the area sound effect not saving correctly Wilderness boss event - A random boss from the boss event list spawns and drops items from a special reward table - Announcements and broadcasts are made giving players an idea of where the boss has spawned - Current bosses: Skotizo, Tekton and Vorkath New players now start with 100% special attack Default game brightness is now set to 3 for new players Discord now tells others that you are playing OS-Fatality You can now set combat stats through the quest tab and also still view the skill guides (No media on this update log since we have included some of it in the opening thread) Be sure to join our Discord server with the button below, for exclusive updates on progress and to get involved with our growing community!
  6. Welcome to the official OS-Fatality project thread and thank you for checking us out! OSF has been in development for a little while now and are at a stage at which we would love to share our progress with you. The main aspect of OSF will be instant PvP action with flawless OSRS emulated combat and tons of PvP incentives to keep the Wilderness a lively and dangerous place! However... OS-Fatality will be a server for everyone! We have a vast array of non PvP related content including but not limited to: All functioning skills, Raids, 15+ bosses, The Inferno, a Runelite integrated client, achievements, Wintertodt and tons more. The economy will be a PvP based economy which still offers skillers and PvMers the chance to make some good GP per hour. We hope to provide a thriving RSPS community for OSRS players to practice their pking alongside RSPS veterans and a place where competition is like no other. We will host daily PvP competitions in which the top 3 players are rewarded handsomely, the winner will hold the PvP cup until the next tournament. You will also see Wilderness hotspots which features a random area in the Wildnerness in which an enhanced reward will be given for killing players in the hot spot. We will also feature PvP scoreboards for players wishing to compete for the #1 overall and daily positions. Coming soon... Leviticus - Founder & Developer Raw Envy - Server Manager & DevOps Adam - Game Developer Chance - Graphics & Front-end Developer Be sure to join our forums, Discord channel & use our support signature. Use our support signature: [CENTER][URL="https://forum.runelocus.com/topic/104399-177-os-fatality-instant-pvp-combat-everything-in-between/"][IMG=https://i.imgur.com/gBv9msl.png][/URL][/CENTER][/CODE]
  7. Happy new year everyone!

  8. Welcome dude and best of luck with your learning. You should learn the basics of Java before looking into servers, that would be my suggestion
  9. Liking the new theme Dug, good job
  10. Bump, next update log on its way soon! I think everyone is going to love the updates, we've been listening to a lot of player feedback on combat changes and also some new content additions to make the Wilderness EVEN more active
  11. One of the pictures from yesterdays events! The next update log will be dropping tomorrow. Come join in the fun here - https://emulous.org/play/
  12. Loads of events going on tonight, make sure to hop online! Previous update log here: https://emulous.org/forums/topic/450-game-updates-07192018-demonic-gorillas-and-more
  13. Bump - we will be hosting various events tomorrow evening!