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  1. Happy new year everyone!

  2. Welcome dude and best of luck with your learning. You should learn the basics of Java before looking into servers, that would be my suggestion
  3. Liking the new theme Dug, good job
  4. Bump, next update log on its way soon! I think everyone is going to love the updates, we've been listening to a lot of player feedback on combat changes and also some new content additions to make the Wilderness EVEN more active
  5. One of the pictures from yesterdays events! The next update log will be dropping tomorrow. Come join in the fun here - https://emulous.org/play/
  6. Loads of events going on tonight, make sure to hop online! Previous update log here: https://emulous.org/forums/topic/450-game-updates-07192018-demonic-gorillas-and-more
  7. Bump - we will be hosting various events tomorrow evening!
  8. Loads of new updates and fixes, be sure to check them out here: https://emulous.org/forums/forum/5-server-updates/
  9. Home Play Now Discord Welcome to the advertisement thread for Emulous. As of the 14th July we have officially launched after being in development for over a year, we look forward to seeing you online! Emulous is an OSRS based server which aims to provide a fun community based server to practice your OSRS pking on, however we also provide tons of PvM and skilling content too. Jump online and play for free today, we host regular events and aim to please every single player! Emulous - Founder & Developer Trickk - Community Manager Raw Envy - Advertisement Manager _Ali - Server Developer Nouish - Server Developer Wolfs Darker - Server Developer
  10. This will be the last update log to be posted now until we officially go live. I would like to note that there is 100+ bug fixes/improvements to be added to all the updates below. Thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend! On a side note, we have a forums giveaway event here & a 30% donation sale live until we release Multi combat locations all over Wilderness added Pet insurance added Every pet dialogue added Wilderness casket drops (3 different raritys offering additional PKing loot) Locking for zooming with the scroll wheel added The most expensive items now show at the top of the loot pile Pathing improvements again Position of lunar spells now exactly the same as OSRS Accuracy and damage formula updates Ring of weath now displays kill log when used the "features" option All XP done by a HIT will be displayed together (eg: claws) Item charging for Zulrah items with scales NPCs no longer walk on top of each other Various NPC spawns added such as Taverly dungeon, Wilderness spawns and more The remaining shop prices have been set Cure me lunar spell added Splash XP corrected for magic spells Potion timer corrected Duel arena improvements and fixes Revenant cave teleport scroll added Dragon harpoon special attack Entrance to the Wilderness agility course now works correctly Halberds now attack from 2 squares away or diagonaly Bounty points added Message and reward configured for killing players Kill streak announcements added Basic skilling tools now spawn on the ground at the skilling area MySQL system and implemented voting claim command Mystery boxes now support different rarity types for items Voting/store setup web sided and themed to match the site Over 100+ bug fixes and improvements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWaPrp7_OA4
  11. Emulous launching this weekend, be there ;)

    1. Fallout


      Good luck 👍

  12. Remember to join our Discord with over 450 members and our community forums! The official server release date is set for the 7th of July, can't wait to see you all in game :cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWaPrp7_OA4
  13. Remember to join our Discord with over 450 members and our community forums! The official server release date is set for the 7th of July, can't wait to see you all in game :cool:
  14. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel. We will be launching on the 7th of July, however this might be earlier so stay tuned for further updates! Item switching drastically improved Client memory leaks fixed XP locking added, along with an option in the quest tab to toggle it on/off Periodic game saving Item in chatbox positions fixed Zoom level display shown when changing your zoom level XP drops now properly merge Attack styles are now always correct when switching from a weapon that doesn't support the exact same type of style you were on You can now only teleport out of PvP fights in the Wilderness with a teleport tab or amulet of glory XP counter settings will no longer crash your client If you teleport home after being barraged etc, you will no longer be frozen Artefact drops added to Revenants and redeeming them for cash added Hunters crossbow added Loads of Wilderness multi areas added, according to the OSRS multi zone map Diagonal attacking improved Ranged strength formulas fixed up OSRS max hit formulas OSRS special attack mechanics added, e.g. double clicking g maul before being in combat will make it spec twice Dark bow special attack minimum hits added Wilderness caskets added - low, medium and rare variety's which each have their own reward table Elder chaos druids added Kodai wand now offers unlimited water runes Base rewards for PvP added, which is coins. - There is also a formula to calculate how much GP you will get for a kill which depends on Wilderness level, risk, killstreak etc Trident of the seas and swamp added You can now cut Redwood at the Woodcutting guild Accuracy formulas have been changed up a lot Pathing has been reworked Dragon thrownaxe Around 40+ other bug fixes that aren't included in this log.....
  15. Best of luck with everything bro