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  1. Come join in the fun boys, we're doing another 30m OSRS GP tournament at 9 PM GMT! https://vitality.ps/play/
  2. Our newest update log can be found here: [26/03/20] Game Updates - PvP armour & weapons, Prayer switching plugin, Wilderness bosses loot buff, fixes and more! In the next update we will be introducing PID shuffling and we're not working on Raids 1.
  3. Our newest update log can be found here: [23/03/20] [25/03/20] Game Updates - Combat accuracy changes, Runecrafting tiaras, tweaks and bug fixes. Be sure to hop online and join in on the fun! PvP armour and weapons update is going to be released either today or tomorrow.
  4. No update log today as we've posted one every day so far. We're going to work on a bigger update log for this next one though! Little picture from an event we did last night.
  5. Our newest update log can be found here: [23/03/20] Game Updates - Items kept on death change, Agility shortcuts, cooking enhancements, bug fixes and more. Be sure to hop online and join in on the fun!
  6. Some fun from the PvP tournament event we did yesterday! Be sure to hop online guys, 200+ online right now and another big update log full of fixes coming in tomorrow!
  7. The first update log post release will be posted tomorrow
  8. Welcome to the official Vitality advertisement thread and thank you for checking us out! We have been in development for a little while now and are at the stage where we feel like Vitality is ready to provide you with hours of enjoyment. For those wondering, we are currently loading the latest OSRS client and data. The main aspect of Vitality is instant PvP action with flawless OSRS emulated combat and tons of PvP incentives to keep the Wilderness a lively and dangerous place! However... Vitality is a server for everyone! We provide a vast array of PvM and skilling content, including all Ironman modes. We hope to provide a thriving RSPS community for OSRS players to practice their PKing alongside RSPS veterans and a place where competition is like no other, no matter what your play style is... Features Including: - 5 Different Game Modes to Choose From: Regular (Instant PvP), Regular, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman & Ultimate Ironman - Fully Integrated Runelite Client - customise your client to your liking - Item Presets to Quickly Gear Up - perfect for instant PvP/PvM action - Daily Automated Events: Wilderness supply chest, Wilderness bosses and PvP tournaments - All 23 Skills Working - including Construction and training methods such as Puro Puro and Wintertodt - Bounty Hunter 2 - fully working, including Bounty tasks - Achievements - a variety of achievements with rewards upon completion - PvP Tournaments - 4 tournaments running everyday with big cash prizes! Raw Envy - Founder Trick - Manager Palidino - Game Developer Polish Scape - Game Developer Flnal Wlsh - Head Administrator Napalm - Assistant Manager Miika - Administrator
  9. The official release date has now been announced. We are releasing at 7 PM GMT on Thursday (12th), be there or miss out on the fun!
  10. The release date will be announced shortly, to hear about it first be sure to be in our community Discord.
  11. Release date being announced here shortly. Be sure to join our Discord with 500+ other RSPS players to hear it first though! https://discord.gg/3Yt5NUu
  12. We really hope that you like this weeks updates log. We are now very close to announcing the official release date, so stay tuned for that! To see more of what we're working on be sure to join our Discord. - Item presets interface and functionality. This allows players to quickly gear up for instant PvP action. Only Regular PvP mode players can use the default presets. - Collection log - Discord integration - The in game item drag setting now syncs with the Runelite plugin - Rogues den loot revamped - Duel arena tax implemented - Players can now solo pest control - Player starter kits configured - Mystery box rewards revamped - PvP mode starter banks - Battlemage potions added - Item retrieval now works for if you die at Zulrah or Vorkath - Untradeables now only break above 20 Wilderness or outside the Wilderness - Ignore list now works - Player death mechanics reworked - A set level option now displays in the skills menu for combat levels. This is only for regular instant PvP players to use to set levels - The Inferno boss now displays its unique hitpoints interface - Random login messages now sent with useful info for players - Over 100+ bug fixes pushed out...
  13. We've been working very hard on getting ready to release and are hoping to announce the exact date within the next week or so. Some of the updates we've been working on includes the full collection log, item presets with a custom made interface, a revamped tournament system using the OSRS deadman map area, LOADS of bug fixes and quality of life updates. A full update log will be coming soon for this... Be sure to join our Discord: