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  1. COX is now released! Big OSRS GP tournaments today, be sure to check us out
  2. Yeah of course. Recent updates: Game Updates - 8th August, 2021 Game Updates - 9th August, 2021
  3. For those wondering, we will be doing a Halloween event this year It will feature an exclusive outfit that will be tradable and not introduced into the game again. Alongside an item that everyone will obtain from the event!
  4. Our 2.5b clan cup has started! https://forum.vitality.ps/topic/2877-vitality-clan-cup-25b-osrs-prize-pool/
  5. Bump, flower poker is now out. Mobile coming soon :) We've also been focusing on our core a lot to ensure its good for the current state of the server and in the future.
  6. Bump - GIM is live, mobile is making great progress! On the side we're working on polishing any existing content and then we'll be working on the nightmare boss and such