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  1. thanks for the reply, i have fixed some of the errors think now im stuck with this. [url]http://prntscr.com/5gm71l[/url] here is what that area of the code looks like for(int i = 0; i < Config.MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if(PlayerHandler.players[i] != null) { if(PlayerHandler.players [i].playerName.equalsIgnoreCase(playerToTele)) { Client c2 = (Client)PlayerHandler.players[i]; c2.sendMessage("You have been teleported to " + c.playerName); c2.getPA().movePlayer(c.getX(), c.getY(), c.heightLevel); break; } } } } catch(Exception e) { c.sendMessage("Player Must Be Offline."); } } } public void administratorCommands(Client c, String playerCommand) { if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("bank")) { c.getPA().openUpBank(c.bankingTab); } if (playerCommand.startsWith("endeven")) { EventCheck.endEvent(); } if (playerCommand.startsWith("currentevent")) { String[] args = playerCommand.split(" ", 2); if (args[1] != null) EventCheck.currentEvent = Integer.parseInt(args [1]); }
  2. A friend of mine sent me a source and when i got it, it had errors involving the commands, i can't figure it out and i asked him about it but he doesnt know where they came from either. i am stupid and suck at servers so i could really use the help. here is the error [url]http://prntscr.com/5glqe9[/url] and here is my commands if you need it [url]http://up.ht/13luF11[/url]
  3. looks interesting, think im gonna give it a go
  4. looks pretty clean, gonna have to give it a try
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