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    [quote name='Runecessor']Can you Skype me? [MENTION=254851]ProgPioneer[/MENTION][/QUOTE] Pm me your skype: i will help you fix your problem
  2. If you pay hosting i will code your server and forums! reply if you interested if you reply anything related to any other stuff i will ignore you so much that you will feel invisible C:
  3. Pretty good. keep up the good work and good luck.
  4. i can join. but what do i get? i am a programmer
  5. [quote name='falconpunch']OH NO MOM IM SORRY I SHOULDN'T BE SARCASTIC. You've told him to delete his cache like 15 times. You're like an indian tech assistant. "turn off, turn back on"[/QUOTE] system fails sometimes, you have try everything what type of technician are you please. stop posting crap around if you know no shit. c:
  6. [quote name='falconpunch']see? u said righ thre[/QUOTE] I will just laugh at this.
  7. [quote name='falconpunch']Because you know you're wrong. GG m8 I rate 1/10. Insert a quarter for another go.[/QUOTE] can you tell me when did i tell you to rate? please. go somewhere else you are just annoying 4ever annoying
  8. [quote name='falconpunch']because deleting everything and restarting it, works! Don't do this. Waste of time. Simmer down, you asked us for help, no need to bite the hand that feeds. I'm assuming it's an issue with your cachedownloader, if you have one. So check if you have a cachedownloader file.[/QUOTE] deleting the cache, can solve it in some cases is just like testing what works dude. dont you do sarcasm on me.
  9. [quote name='falconpunch']Woah!?!?! It's a public thread, in which I am able to use it. I'm not "messing your thread" I'm simply replying to it. "and when i said at least 0 bugs means i have reworked the code until i get no errors." Does not mean "because i learned to program at my style and it always works at least 0 bugs with hard work reworking bugged codes" (you contradict yourself in this one). "I did learn java. i have Educational title thats says it. so stfu and get out of my thread" You didn't learn English, that's for sure. and for your "Educational title" [img]http://i.imgur.com/56CaIzd.gif[/img][/QUOTE] Great, i just got a hater to add to my stupid people list go eat nutella fat kid xDDD
  10. ....find your cache file. completly wipe it. then reboot ur computer.
  11. [quote name='mr angel']I dont understand u guys, can any try fix with teamwiever?[/QUOTE] just post a pic of you error that guides me to the problem and helps me find a solution fast.
  12. [quote name='falconpunch']"GENIUS AT IT." You took what I said out of context. If you knew CSharp REALLY well, then you could most likely pick up Java with no problem. "always works at least 0 bugs" Please, don't make me laugh, even amazing programmers mess up sometimes, and have bugs. "also i posted all that languages because i am not giving service only for rsps, any other stuff is okay Java is easier than javascript i guess." There is another section of the forums for other development, use that, and make a separate thread for your RSPS help, although you don't even claim to know Java and it seems like you don't know it at all." "Java is easier than javascript i guess." Proof you've probably never learned Java.[/QUOTE] why you messing my thread? and when i said at least 0 bugs means i have reworked the code until i get no errors. just use you common sense kid I did learn java. i have Educational title thats says it. so stfu and get out of my thread
  13. [quote name='falconpunch']Lmao, Eclipse doesn't code for you. If you were the professional programmer you claim to be, you'd know this. You still have to know Java, but it tells you when you mistype something or miss something else. It's like netbeans just more RSPS friendly. Beginners should use Eclipse because it helps them learn, please stop telling people otherwise.[/QUOTE] lmao, wtf dont you have common sense? KNOW YOUR ERROR DONT LET A PROGRAM DO THE JOB FOR YOU what if you forget to put {}, []? you will never learn if the program does it for you try to understand and find your error. you act stupid. no offense