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    Dementhium(637) Pvp World

    [quote name='falconpunch']World.java it should have coords for the wilderness.[/QUOTE] World.java don't have any coords
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    Dementhium(637) Pvp World

    [quote name='falconpunch']Figure out the PVP method and just make it so it's active for everywhere, then add exceptions like banks.[/QUOTE] public boolean inWilderness() { return World.getWorld().getAreaManager().getAreaByName("Wilderness").contains(getLocation()); } Falconpunch?
  3. Sql

    Dementhium(637) Pvp World

    bump help pls
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    [quote name='bobismyname'][img]http://i.imgur.com/FRPeqMk.png[/img] Hello everyone, I know business has been a bit slow recently (and trust me, those PKing updates will flow in) however we have our priorities with some longer term updates such as the conversion update which will improve the server a ton. Hopefully we can get a beta up on Friday to test and then we can complete the conversion by Sunday night. Stay in tuned, even if we aren't posting that many updates, we are still getting a lot done behind the scenes. The future of Elveron will look a lot brighter after this conversion update. 2/4/15 - Added command for edgeville pk teleports(::edge or ::pk). - Completed an in-game suggestion manager. - Talk to the Squire at home to make suggestions. - Added ::agree and ::disagree to agree/disagree with suggestions. - Suggestions will be saved and sent to the Staff/Devs. - Aura's are now untradeable.. - Significantly reduced the number of tasks that the server runs. - Pendents no longer deplete on login. - Yells now start with capital letters. - The squire at home can take suggestions. Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/topic/742-upcoming-beta/[/url][/QUOTE] goodjob u said - The squire at home can take suggestions. 2 times in the post
  5. [CENTER]Hello Runelocus. i need help with Pvp world. i mean as Everywhere is wilderness or pvp but banks are safe. I'm using Dementhium Base(637) [/CENTER]
  6. Does anyone have a 718 cache with old tokhaar kal looks/model, i can use.
  7. Anyone got a working 667 or a 637 source with clients& cache - i can use. Feather's is full of bugs and shit
  8. The Online status looks abit unprofessional but its look good