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  1. Triple xp weekend holiday is still active! And active dicing and flower poker now availible!
  2. [url]http://deathwishx.com/forumv2/showthread.php/35-Advertise-Us%21[/url] Learn how to advertise our server now!
  3. With the new client update, everything is running smooth, i Just love it!
  4. new update, huge new vamps for skills and slayer, come check us out!
  5. New PVM Clan made by me. Check out our forums to apply now!
  6. Hurry on to get the double xp event and to qualify for chritmas event!
  7. Double xp weekend is around the corner and some great client updates have taken place. Come check us out!
  8. Just released my 10th video for the server! Come check us out and see what you're missing!
  9. Double xp weekend now active!!! Get on today!
  10. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ClHvIUlzA0&feature=youtu.be[/url] just released a 250 td drop video. come join us today for video competition week!
  11. Weekend event is over in less than 24 hours, get on Deathwish now for double exp event and player raves!
  12. this weekend is double xp! Everyone join us now for the best weekend events yet!
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