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  1. What are you looking for in your partner? You need a hoster, another developer?
  2. download uttorent, press on preferences. replace the port number with 43594. apply. done.
  3. i can move npcs for you. And I can even give them dialogues! pretty cool huh!? for only 2$ Each. hmu if interested
  4. Hey guys I have it on a small beta to just see how people like the main concepts of the content! Still has a lot more cleaning but I hope you guys get the vision of where I am wanting to go with this! To check it out click on this download link! Thanks! :) [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/d70jp3t7oxp6uyy/WarTusk.jar?dl=0[/url]
  5. Want to train fire making? Throw your logs into the Eternal Flame! Here is a small video showing off how it works :) [video=youtube;GA8yJCJpCWg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA8yJCJpCWg[/video]
  6. [quote name='DivisionX']Thank you so much for the feedback. These days, many people tend to enjoy custom servers & we do too as well. This is why we try our best to offer the best custom rsps out there. We are 3 months up & currently the 2nd best custom rsps with 60+ players online daily. I think that is quite a bit of an accomplishment :)[/QUOTE] That is a great accomplishment :) If you have that many players then you obviously have something great and unique about your server that players enjoy :) Unfortunately I do not prefer servers like that with those custom items and all of that. Especially those servers that have tons of those damn pikachus in them. I like content That fits the theme of runescape. But you obviously put many hours into this and I give you props for putting in the effort that many owners lack to do these days. I wish you great luck and I am excited to see your further development with your server :)
  7. A recent update: Some citizens of WarTusk need help getting supplies! The farmer at home will give you a small reward if you bring him bananas! Be careful though while gathering fruits and seeds around WarTusk! Some of the animal life do not appreciate it when you take there food... Also watch out while for the monkeys if you chase to many of them away and take to many of there bananas they will kidnap you and take you to there king! [video=youtube;lxscWoM6A6w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxscWoM6A6w[/video] Also thank you for the comments :) [MENTION=94449]Arix[/MENTION] & [MENTION=3362]StevenAbraham[/MENTION]
  8. LF a fun time. Male preferably. add me on skype. Clothes are optional.
  9. To all my fellow programmers be weary into which profession you go into. I majored in computer science so I can be a professional programmer. I learned 5 languages got tutors and all of that just to find out that you get paid very badly unless you are the top of your class and get picked up by like microsoft. I invite you all to try to get into network security. You get paid more. You still program but you also learn all of these other skills and it's way more fun! I am enjoying it so much more! If your 100% passion is to be just a programmer then go for it. But if you are still on the fence I would definitely advise network security. I had no one to tell me or mentor me when I got into school so I thought I would try to just give some of my advise/opinions to all of you.
  10. Fix: forgot to add the coords in the npc.java file.
  11. adolfclitler

    inMulti error

    Hey guys so I am trying to make an area a multi area. I added in the coords and it shows the symbol in game that I am in a multi area but it still will not let others help fight the npc. But I went and tried another multi area that was already added before handed and it will let you attack there. not sure why but only like 3/4 of the coords are working. Any one know why it's doing that? Thanks in advance!