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  1. [IMG]http://puu.sh/dtfpK/6593178712.png[/IMG] How do you fix this?
  2. [quote name='falconpunch']For me, yes. Get a windows 2008 server and it's like your own computer (assuming you use windows). I can set it up for you, if I find the time.[/QUOTE] Alright, so how am I going to contact you?
  3. [quote name='falconpunch']You ask to portforward, not once have you asked me to help you set up your VPS. You claimed to have one once before, and when I offered to help you, you didn't allow me to.[/QUOTE] So you're telling me that 2008 is easier to setup than the 2012 one? Oh and could you send me a video or some sort to tell me how to set up one. Because when I look at videos it's like batch files and you have to type stuff in, how exactly do you get it to host your server. :)
  4. [quote name='falconpunch']Indeed. Like using your own Windows computer. It's straight forward and noob friendly.[/QUOTE] Wait, falcon. I have one last question. On the checkout place there's a category called Configurable Options, and there's this OS option. How do I find out my operating system? 'cuz there's like cento and 2 different windows so Help!!
  5. So you would recommend me getting a Windows VPS because it would be easy for me?
  6. Thank you so much! I have one more question. On flipperhost, what's the difference between Budget and KVM?
  7. Hey Runelocus peeps. I recently made a 718 RSPS but I need help with VPS hosting. I don't know how to use it because whatever VPS website I go on it always asks me for a domain etc. Oh and if you guys know a good and reliable VPS please tell me. Also I have a couple questions if you guys could help me. 1. Does your computer have to be on in order to let the VPS host for you? 2. Most reliable VPS for RSPS hosting out there? I'd be glad if you guys could help me! You could message me at skype: yoitskevman or just simply help me below. :)
  8. Huggerino

    Play LoL with me!

    Title ^ IGN: FoughtKnight
  9. Huggerino

    League of legends.

    Ok NA server, IGN: FoughtKnight