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  1. Was wondering if someone would point out how to get Ardi's source to connect to Valentino's recently released client with [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=70]#70[/URL] OSRS data. Currently it lets you login just scrambles up names and puts a headicon over me. I'm guessing cause the client has such items the source doesn't idk... Maybe I can fix if I knew what the problem was, but I'm horrible with client work and finding out problems that occur between the server/client. Thanks in advance.
  2. New the community as I'm tired of what I get on ruined-server (just plain rudeness) so maybe RL will be a different story? :p Anyways I'm starting up a server where you login & spend time either pk'ing to get bank or bossing/skilling/whatever is implemented to build your bank up [B]so you can pk[/B] I have a few questions for you guys. How should items like welfare gear be put into the game? (Spawned, shops, etc) How should I implement cosmetic items? What should the main ways to receive cash be? Should an item in PKP store be obtainable any other way? Should all/most bosses be in a PvP area? Should a big a city be turned into a PvP area excluding banks in the area? IE: Varrock Should bosses have a high drop rate, or low drop rate? Should items obtainable from bosses (trident, d2h, tentacle whip) also be in PKP store? What should the use for money be? (there is little use for cash as of right now) Should I add a shop with items from bosses/pkp store that cost a large amount (more than economy worth) IE: AGS for 2000m instead of 800 PKP? Should PvP Armours + Claws + Spirit shields be added? Specify which should/shouldn't. Instead of cash, should I implement a way to transfer PKP (buy tickets worth 5 PKP in shop -- tradable -- sell back for 5 points) Thanks guys, please try to answer at least a few so I can get a nice little idea of what I should do, and what would be most enjoyable. Please give as detailed of an answer as possible, and explain some things that you would enjoy doing/seeing/having in this type of server. Interested in beta testing, developing, or even just giving ideas add my skype: tyler_tassin