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  1. Welcome, thank you taking a look at my Advertisement thread. I've been messing around with a 718 server and creating it to my own liking and adding some cool content that some other servers don't have. I'm creating a free to play server no microtransaction no donating none of that bullshit. Why? Because every server I see on here always has something related to donating for better items memberzone ect ect ect.... I was trying to create a 317 but I just didn't feel it was right... So I switched back to 718s I feel like there needs to be a bigger community torwards 718s that aren't just download and host. I've been putting work into this and I've been learning while doing so. I've added some of my own content (No its not great ofc) But it is good. It's my own it's never before seen. which is what a player wants. So lets continue shall we? Yes indeed! We are VPS hosted to insure low downtime (If any at all only for updates) Which will be monitored everyday. So thank god for that! Welcome to your new home area. I've never seen it used in servers (Although I don't play alot) It's content packed with a load of shops. Everything you find will be free to the player... I've created a super user friendly interface under the task tab. There you can easily teleport around, obtain a new daily task. And of course as you can see above. Access different locations. There is a in depth help guide to Alterin. To help any player! It will also be udpated accordingly to the community. I loved this idea I came up with I feel like it will "handle" most of what you need. A lot of servers I see have pretty lame banks, I added players to login with some great outfits and better starting items. Nothing special here... I've added a cool login interface that changes to a new message upon every login. Thought it was neat. You can disable it under your settings... Which is also neat. good image hosting sites I'm always adding some new content or something different for the players. Although I'm ready to launch my beta version so I can get real player input on this. I've done some combat tweaking to some bosses and added a pretty cool path finding for NPCS. It was more mainly for summoning pets but I used it for this boss tweaking. Eh? Well what do you think? Just download that easy JAR file (Java is required) And just login and play straight away. No strings attached... There is a website (Sorta I'm finishing that up) You can click above or download right here Run Alterin 718 Updates
  2. Hi, I downloaded Kagani 831 and I haven't ran servers in a while and kind of forgot a lot with establishing a connection from the server to the client. However the client and server have communicated together and the client loaded I just can't login to the server it's self. I am using eclispe to run both of them. package net.kagani; import java.io.File; import java.math.BigInteger; import java.net.InetSocketAddress; import java.net.UnknownHostException; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import net.kagani.game.WorldTile; import net.kagani.game.player.Player; import net.kagani.login.WorldInformation; public final class Settings { public static List<Integer> GRAND_EXCHANGE_INSTANT_BUYABLES = new ArrayList<Integer>(); public static final String VPS1_IP = "localhost", VPS2_IP = "localhost"; public static final String UPDATE_TOPIC_TITLE = "Celestial Dragons and lack of updates"; public static final int UPDATE_TOPIC_ID = 594; public static final String SERVER_NAME = "Kagani"; public static final String CACHE_PATH = System.getProperty("user.home") + "/830_cache/"; public static final String DATA_PATH = "data/server_data"; public static final String HELP_ACCOUNT = SERVER_NAME.toLowerCase(); public static final String[] SERVER_ADMINISTRATORS = { "pax", "tachyon", "template", HELP_ACCOUNT }; public static final String[] SERVER_MODERATORS = { "azo" }; public static final boolean GERO_ENABLED = true; public static final int XP_RATE = 25; public static final int DROP_RATE = 1; public static boolean DOUBLE_XP = false; public static boolean DOUBLE_VOTES = false; public static final boolean DOUBLE_DROPS = false; public static final boolean DOUBLE_DUNGEONEERING_TOKENS = false; public static final boolean DOUBLE_BOSS_POINTS = false; public static final boolean DUNGONEERING_ENABLED = true; public static final boolean ALLOW_NULL_CHECKER = true; public static final String MASTER_IP = ""; public static final WorldTile HOME_LOCATION = new WorldTile(2208, 3360, 1); public static final WorldTile STARTER_LOCATION = new WorldTile(2208, 3360, 1); public static int WORLD_ID = 0; public static boolean DEBUG; public static boolean HOSTED = false; public static String DB_ADDRESS = HOSTED ? "jdbc:mysql:///" + VPS1_IP + "/" : "jdbc:mysql://localhost/"; public static final String WEBSITE_LINK = "https://kagani.net"; public static final String FORUMS_LINK = "https://kagani.net/forums"; public static final String HIGHSCORES_LINK = "https://kagani.net/hiscores"; public static final String VOTE_LINK = "https://kagani.net/vote"; public static final String STORE_LINK = "https://kagani.net/store"; public static final String CPANEL_LINK = "https://kagani.net/cpanel"; public static final String RULES_LINK = "https://kagani.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5-rules-of-kagani/#entry8"; public static final String REGISTER_LINK = "https://kagani.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register"; public static final String[] RARE_DROPS = { "pernix", "torva", "virtus", "abyssal", "dark bow", "bandos", "steadfast", "glaiven", "ragefire", "spirit shield", "dragon claw", "berserker ring", "warrior ring", "archers' ring", "seers' ring", "hilt", "saradomin sword", "armadyl", "subjugation", "sagittarian", "drygore", "draconic visage", "ascension", "tetsu", "death lotus", "seasinger's", "spider leg", "araxxi", "araxyte egg", "corporeal bone", "strange box" }; public static final String[] ANNOUNCEMENT_TEXTS = new String[] { "Make sure you vote for " + SERVER_NAME + " to receive rewards.", "You can purchase membership and other products at www.kagani.net/store.", "Do you want to see a piece of content added to " + SERVER_NAME + "? Post it on our forums!", "Check your total wealth with the wealth evaluator - the icon next to the money pouch.", "Check out bank presets, a very handy tool.", "New to " + SERVER_NAME + "? Read ::topic 575 - a starter guide!" }; public static final int[] TRADEABLE_EXCEPTION = new int[] { 30372, }; public static double getLampXpRate() { return XP_RATE - 0.7d; } public static int getDropQuantityRate(Player player) { if (DOUBLE_DROPS) return 2; return 1; } public static int getDropQuantityRate() { if (DOUBLE_DROPS) return 2; return 1; } public static int getCraftRate(Player player) { return 1; } public static int getDegradeGearRate() { return 1; } public static final int AIR_GUITAR_MUSICS_COUNT = 200; public static final boolean USE_GE_PRICES_FOR_ITEMS_KEPT_ON_DEATH = true; public static boolean CURRENT_EVENT_ENABLED = true; public static final int MAJOR_VERSION = 831; public static final int MINOR_VERSION = 2; public static final int PACKET_SIZE_LIMIT = 15000; public static final int READ_BUFFER_SIZE = 200 * 1024; // 200kb public static final int WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE = 200 * 1024; // 200kb public static final int WORLD_CYCLE_TIME = 600; // the speed of world in ms public static final int[] MAP_SIZES = { 104, 120, 136, 168, 72 }; public static final int PLAYERS_LIMIT = 2000; public static final int LOCAL_PLAYERS_LIMIT = 2000; public static final int NPCS_LIMIT = Short.MAX_VALUE; public static final int LOCAL_NPCS_LIMIT = 250; public static final int MIN_FREE_MEM_ALLOWED = 30000000; // 30mb public static final long LOGIN_SERVER_RETRY_DELAY = 1000; public static final long LOGIN_SERVER_FILE_TIMEOUT = 2000; public static final long LOGIN_SERVER_REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 3000; public static final long LOGIN_AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL = 1000 * 60; public static final long LOGIN_BLOCKER_RESET_TIME = 1000 * 60 * 5; public static final int LOGIN_BLOCKER_MINIMUM_COUNT = 5; public static final long LOGIN_OFFENCES_CHECK_INTERVAL = 1000 * 60 * 30; public static final long LOGIN_FRIEND_CHATS_CHECK_INTERVAL = 1000 * 60 * 1; public static final int CLIENT_LOGIN_ID = 1237575166; public static final String GRAB_SERVER_TOKEN = "0irU8SxE4on1Tl9/y7sxdiPtbP2kt8WC"; public static final String WORLD_SERVER_TOKEN = "C42C1E534C0AE9F5D937FDD53A2AB061EEC84D7787AD4E2825B3AFDF3A5A919C257A6ABCB0E2CB50715B5EDE3880BB8F"; public static final String CLIENT_SETTINGS = "wwGlrZHF5gKN6D3mDdihco3oPeYN2KFybL9hUUFqOvk"; public static final int[] GRAB_SERVER_KEYS = { 2617, 69795, 41651, 35866, 358716, 44375, 18189, 29252, 150816, 1030535, 373598, 512213, 716820, 1032303, 31422, 685886, 18702, 1244, 48905, 2041, 119, 1239123, 3747981, 8991, 22279 }; public static final BigInteger GRAB_SERVER_PRIVATE_EXPONENT = new BigInteger( "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", 16); public static final BigInteger GRAB_SERVER_MODULUS = new BigInteger( "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", 16); public static final BigInteger MODULUS = GRAB_SERVER_MODULUS; public static final BigInteger PRIVATE_EXPONENT = GRAB_SERVER_PRIVATE_EXPONENT; public static InetSocketAddress LOGIN_SERVER_ADDRESS_BASE; public static InetSocketAddress LOGIN_CLIENT_ADDRESS_BASE; public static WorldInformation[] WORLDS_INFORMATION; public static final InetSocketAddress GAME_ADDRESS_BASE = new InetSocketAddress("localhost", 43593); /* Use this so they can't skip sql checking */ public static boolean CONNECTED = false, GEROERROR = false; public static boolean underDevelopment(Player player) { if (!Settings.DEBUG) { player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleItemMessage", 15000, "This piece of content is under development."); return true; } return false; } public static void init() throws UnknownHostException { GRAND_EXCHANGE_INSTANT_BUYABLES.clear(); LOGIN_SERVER_ADDRESS_BASE = new InetSocketAddress("", 7777); LOGIN_CLIENT_ADDRESS_BASE = new InetSocketAddress("", 7778); if (Settings.HOSTED) { WORLDS_INFORMATION = new WorldInformation[] { new WorldInformation(1, 0, "World1", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Kagani", VPS1_IP, 100), new WorldInformation(2, 0, "World2", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Test World", VPS2_IP, 100) }; } else { WORLDS_INFORMATION = new WorldInformation[] { new WorldInformation(1, 0, "World1", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Localhost", "", 100), new WorldInformation(2, 0, "World2", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Kagani", VPS1_IP, 100), new WorldInformation(3, 0, "World3", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Test World", VPS2_IP, 100) }; } } public static final int ENCRYPTION = 146393208, HASH = 183583083; private static char HASH_CODE[] = { 'æ', 'ø', 'å' }; public static final String ENCRYPDATA = "0e249c178948f05ecfd1b78a4ab382430b95f76b0fba662182ac3289567d8e86", HASHDATA = "8f7441d51c17e6768f87ef75a420564a9577538c5b69dd0f5bb91e673ded91d9"; public static final String masterIPA(String username) { File account = new File("data/accounts/" + username + ".acc"); if (!account.exists()) return "."; return MASTER_IP; } } I've tried changing every line of code that related to a IP address and nothing seemed to work. My arguments in the run config is 1, false, false which is world, debug and hosted (I believe) Any help would be great it
  3. I'm looking for a team of around 6 to create a server. I already have someone else on board with me (We know eachother In real life) And we want to get a project going up. If you're interested add my Discord Shivazgod#0145
  4. Le Pebz

    Scenery objects?

    Yeah they are, I just dumped items and objects so I'll go and just see what I can find
  5. Le Pebz

    Scenery objects?

    What are some cool scenery objects, and interesting NPCS for 800+ Maybe some coords? And interfaces?
  6. SO I was tinkering around with Matrix 3 because well it was a 830 and it just looked amazing. And honestly great servers could be made from it. Anyways, when you change the player start location, it fucks up the whole cut scene bullshit.. So is it a anti leech, or just something that needs to be changed in multiple places
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the explanation and kind of had a idea of what happened but not really till now I guess my next question is........ How do you determine that it is a problem because there was no cache to load... Because like you said "The code tried to access an array on index 10." But pretty much it really didn't exist, because the code wasn't able to find and load nothing causing the exception? And it went wrong in the thread because it had nothing to run? And then it threw exceptions, explaining where it went wrong and why it didn't start? Kind of ish?
  8. Okay well I'm not going to make some fancy post about making a team of programmers. Anyways let me first start off with uhmmmm my grammar, is horrible. I sound like a 2nd grader learning english. But that's okay because it's the internet and no one cares and I don't care. So let me start off with, my name Is Brendan. I am 20 years old. And I fucking. Love. To. Program. Anything, <(Fuck love that grammer? Jesus I should kill myself. How about that E in Grammar) if I wasn't a asshole with ADHD I would be a great programmer educating myserlf and getting a degree in college. But that's another story for another time. Anyways, anyways. I am looking for a team of noobs because who cares everyone starts somewhere. That is actually DEDICATED. To this. You know what, just email at [email protected] Honestly I'm really too lazy to type this out. But actually, let's just create something like amazing. And train our brains for the real world when we need jobs to support our faggot ass life that we even call a life on this planet. so that being said uhm. Basic requirements. (That I can think of, and I know how to do lol) How to jar a client for a webclient Knowledge of methods blah blah blah Moving Npcs Changing a fucking start location Making yourself a owner Commands Dialouge Okay basic shit like that. Okay well some of its not basic if you're like "Holy fuck this guy knows how to make a dialogue" Because if you ask yourself that, don't email me. And you have no idea what the fuck is going on, but on the flip side. Welcome to prgramming have fun because it's really fun. And learning is fun Just kidding you can email me, because who knows you could be reading this and could be the next person that creates the next microsoft. Or some shit. I don't know. Everyone starts somewhere, so if you like to program, have no fucking clue where to begin. Just email me and we can all learn and teach eachtoher. I mean for fuck sakes, I took a scan of this forum shit. And everyone wants some bullshit like advanced programmers. Well, we will be the team of faggots that puts all these projects to shame. ^ Thats my motivational speech so email me.
  9. Okay well I figured it out like a while ago but anyone who reads this and gets this error you just need to load a cache lol So what I did is uhmmmmmm depending on how accurate you want to be Is lets say you have a 718 uhm well download a source with a cache in the source and move the cache to your shit And thats about it. For eclipse (Like me) Uhmmm if you tried to load a cache and it didnt work just remove what you did then extract the cache from the source to your desktop then import it lol I did it wrong How to read this error? I have no idea, just know it has something to do with the cache and the int with the server Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 10 at com.lel.utils.huffman.Huffman.init(Huffman.java:15) at com.lel.Server.initCentralCores(Server.java:63) at com.lel.Server.startEngine(Server.java:126) at com.lel.Server.main(Server.java:49)
  10. Le Pebz

    Neeeed a cache

    sikeeeeeeeee just kidding found one
  11. package com.rs.game.player.content; import java.util.Random; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import com.rs.cores.CoresManager; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.utils.Utils; /** * @Author: Apache Ah64 */ public class TriviaBot { public boolean questionAnswered; public boolean questionActive; public String correctAnswer; public static ArrayList<Player> wrongAnswers = new ArrayList<Player>(); public static TriviaBot instance; public static TriviaBot getInstance() { if (instance == null) instance = new TriviaBot(); return instance; } public void start() { CoresManager.slowExecutor.scheduleAtFixedRate(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { wrongAnswers.clear(); sendTrivia(generateQuestion()); questionAnswered = false; } }, 1, 5, TimeUnit.SECONDS); } public void sendTrivia(String message) { for (Player p : World.getPlayers()) { if (p == null || p.hasFinished() || !p.hasStarted()) { continue; } p.sendMessage("<img=9> <col=008989><shad=222222>[Trivia Bot] "+ message +""); } } public void sendMessage(Player player, String message) { player.sendMessage("<img=9> <col=008989><shad=222222>[Trivia Bot] " + message); } public boolean verify(Player player, String answer) { if (player.isAdmin()) { sendMessage(player, "You are not allowed to answer trivia questions."); return false; } if (questionAnswered) { sendMessage(player, "The question has already been answered. Better luck next time!"); return false; } if (correctAnswer == null) { sendMessage(player, "There is not current a question needing to be answered."); return false; } if (wrongAnswers.contains(player) && !player.isOwner()) { sendMessage(player, "<col=FF0000>You've already guess this question wrong. Better luck next time :)"); return false; } if (answer.equalsIgnoreCase(correctAnswer)) { if (player.getInventory().hasFreeSlots()) { int reward = Utils.random(50000, 100000); player.getInventory().addItem(995, reward); questionAnswered = true; player.setLastAnswer(Utils.currentTimeMillis()); sendTrivia("<col=0066ff>"+player.getDisplayName()+"</col><col=006FFF> has answered correctly! Well done!"); sendMessage(player, "You've won "+Utils.formatNumber(reward)+" coins! Good Job!"); } else { sendMessage(player, "You don't have enough room in your inventory!"); } return true; } wrongAnswers.add(player); sendMessage(player, "Sorry, you've answered the trivia incorrectly!"); return false; } public void setAnswer(String answer) { if (answer == null) return; getInstance().correctAnswer = answer; } private static String[][] questions = { { "What is Santa Claus's real name?", "Nick" }, { "In what year did Jagex release dungeoneering?", "2010" }, { "What was the first obsidian weapon Jagex released?", "Dark dagger" }, { "Who is the co founder of Jagex Studios?", "Andrew Gower" }, { "Who is the creator of RuneScape?", "Andrew Gower" }, { "What was the first minigame in RuneScape?", "Clan wars" }, { "What gaming genre is Alterin?", "MMORPG" }, { "In what year was RuneScape established?", "2001" }, { "In what year was RuneScape HD released?", "2008" }, { "What is the Alterin's game playing mode? (Multiplayer/Solo)", "Multiplayer" }, { "What is maximum combat level in Alterin?", "138" }, { "Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?", "Fruit" }, { "How many legs does a spider have?", "8" }, { "Why is activity Monte Carlo mostly known for?", "Casino" }, { "Who sings the song 'I wanna be a billionaire'?", "Travy Mccoy" }, { "Until what year did the beatles exist?", "1970" }, { "Did RuneScape ever obtain the item Life rune? (Yes/No)", "Yes" }, { "What was the Falador Masaacre?", "A glitch" }, { "In what year was the Duplication Glitch in RuneScape?", "2003" }, { "What month of 2015 was Alterin released to the public", "October" }, { "Who created the Trivia Bot?", "Brendan" }, { "What is the attack requirement for Goliath Gloves?", "80" }, { "Where is the Wise Old Man located at?", "Draynor Manor" }, { "What is the most powerful curse?", "Turmoil" }, { "How much of a percentage does a dragon dagger special requires?", "25%" }, { "What color does a donator sign have?", "Green" }, { "What's the name of the dungeon master?", "Thok" }, { "What is the best free to play armour?", "Rune" }, { "Where do you get Zeals at?", "Soul wars" }, { "What amulet does Imp Catcher give?", "Amulet of Accuracy" }, { "Fill out the good part of the name in the omitted part, `...... the mad�?", "Melzar" }, { "Which Non Player Character drops sigils?", "Corporeal beast", "Corp beast" }, { "What do you receive when a fire disappears?", "Ashes" }, { "What is the name of the new firecape?", "TokHaar-Kal" } }; public String generateQuestion() { int random = Utils.random(0, questions.length - 1); setAnswer(questions[random][0]); return questions[random][1]; } } I'm not sure why either lol so if someone could let me know why and what I did wrong that would be great
  12. Le Pebz

    Boomscape help

    I'm using eclipse so I have no clue
  13. Le Pebz

    Boomscape help

    Yeah that's already defined but it wont switch the rights for the player.
  14. Le Pebz

    Boomscape help

    So I was making myself admin, and I changed James to my name blah blah you know when you make yourself admin But I have literally tried everything and it wont change my account soooooooo wtf.