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  3. Sunni

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  4. [quote name='haptic']I'm pretty sure they would have to completely remove C/P to stop Piratism. It is basically impossible to stop someone from sharing somthing they paid for unless you cut their hands off.[/QUOTE] I tell you this, I know this guy who strolled in RSPS Scene in 2008, he started to host a movie site(online streaming) he got sued 15$ per movie that appeared on his site, 70,000$ to the respective companies(all together), 2,500$ fine. He couldn't afford it and he was punished to 'serve the community' which means working to patch the crimes. He does shit jobs because he doesn't have high education, such as working at dirty scrapyards, he's paid approx 1,800$ a month, 1200$ of it goes to paying the costs of his crimes. His life is fucked, he has sign on his crime report, he cannot get a proper job. Where ever he goes, sign of criminal follows him. EDIT: forgot the part of the outcome. So, he won't get a proper job, hes 26 years old.. life ruined.. what do you think he will do now? He can't pay the rent, he can't live normal life...
  5. [quote name='Matty']It seems this fools (Rixi) opinion is greater than others.[/QUOTE] No offense but seriously, you're more stupid than the noobs of R-S. Eventually the laws will be struct there. It's only matter of time. I would like to note that in most states of USA... and the england cops are allowed to get the data, even if you're suspected for drunk driving. So it actually does matter. EDIT: Tests = no proof. Small site or small magazine cannot openly diss Explorer, it's a fact, if they want interviews from Microsoft, they can't diss microsoft. Also, Internet Explorer is commercial, for example... A magazine saying good things about Explorer is just bought, if you check the sponsors you'll see microsoft hanging in there.
  6. [quote name='Matty']Do I live in Finland? No, I don't.[/QUOTE] Hey retard, we in Finland are not allowed to murder anyone, are you allowed to murder people there where you live? no? The laws wont stop at Finland, other countries adapt to them, eventually they're used everywhere. [quote name='haptic']Yes, because I watch child porn all the time, Rape little children and threaten the ministry/government on a daily basses[/QUOTE] Your english is so horrible... ugh. You still didn't get my point. When the laws are updated to allow access to those files WITHOUT you being suspected of crimes... AND THEY WILL BE UPDATED. IT'S PLANNED IN ABOUT ALL COUNTRIES ALREADY, they plan to stop piratism with it. EDIT: You're failing at trolling pretty hard. Yet again, I am right, you are wrong.
  7. [quote name='haptic']I'm pretty sure downloading music illegally isn't new to them and neither are RSPS's to Jagex.[/QUOTE] God you're stupid. The current problem is(at least in Finland) illegal downloaders are only caught by accident, such as them using computer to threaten ministry or threatening government workers... etc. In these cases, cops will raid their house AND take their computer for review. In 2010, 15 such cases were reported. For example, a pedophile had raped a boy, they boy had told he also took pictures which directly led to cops suspecting him of sharing child porn, no, they didn't find childporn but 2tb(terabyte) of illegally downloaded movies, music... etc. These are rarely catched because of proxies and stuff, you'll cry later because you used some faggot browser. [quote name='2kbarrows']I use Google Chrome and IE for a year, I see no police spying on me waiting to take me for questioning. Also, There is a thing called privacy, the government can force Google to give them shit.[/QUOTE] Fucking idiot... Laws aren't that strict yet, they cannot get the data unless you're suspected... but in future, they will be allowed to get the data WITHOUT suspicions. (Planned for 2014 in Finland) Government will eventually allow it by changing laws.
  8. That was just some example... They see you do RSPS, they see you download illegal music... It's only matter of time when governments update copyright laws so they can force google to give those logs to them. To the idiot who said all browsers do, I'm talking about downloading your browsing history, tracking what you download... etc. I've read Firefox ToS, it's not noted in their ToS so basically, if I caught them doing it I could sue them... So makes me think they don't do it? Lmao.
  9. [quote name='Matty']Like I'm fucking bothered what the ToS say[/QUOTE] Then you must be quite stupid, they have 100% right to LITERALLY spy on you. You go on a porn site, they'll know you went there. [quote name='haptic']I would like proof of this.[/QUOTE] Is it so hard to read the ToS?
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    [quote name='Chris']You thought someone was gonna thanks you[/QUOTE] I thought I didn't ask your opinion on my posts?:eek:
  11. [quote name='Chris']I didn't bump I was asking a question[/QUOTE] Okay well, Chris, you bumped it again (notice I'm posting 2 minutes after Chris so this ain't really bump, it's at the top anyway) NO DELTA NO PI LEARN TO FUCKING PROGRAM AND GET A REAL FRAMEWORK Thank you!