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  1. I don't know why but RuneLocus been on my mind heavy this past week, happy forum retirement
  2. Hope all is well

    1. Joe


      Yeah, COVID positive but on antibiotics and steroids 🤞; Family is selling estate in Lebanon and moving to Canada 🍁 stay tuned 😂 

  3. GJ looks like a lot of effort went into your project, congratulations.
  4. For all my homies from 2010, Darkroom 508 is going to be up, for a few weeks stop on by! Click here to download
  5. Thank you everyone and Blake, much appreciated!
  6. [quote name='Vexed']Not many of you might know this but there use to be a server named [B]DeltaScape[/B] and its owner [B]Delta[/B] [I]*Steven Nguyn[/I] has passed away today.. In the history of Runescape private servers Delta an many of his players went on to be big community leaders shaping RSPS as we know today. to mention a few: Pur3z owner of battlescape/Conor,aka Warlock999 creator of azn cheat client/many more... to name. Sad times indeed... RIP steven Not to mention that some no-name stole delta's name an went on to re-create a copy of deltascape that did not get any form of player base.. an changed the name now to frozenage. luckily. but for anyone who remembers steven please leave your condolences.[/QUOTE] Still kills me he was a good friend back in the day. RIP
  7. No one really ever leaves Runelocus lolking
  8. [quote name='Thee Lion']Thanks Joe. I respect things you say because you actually support members and are a good staff member. Even if you aren't active all the time, at least you make an effort to keep updating with the reports, complains and issues and do your best to make us feel better. I want this to be public so that everyone can have a share of their opinions of Christopher. I wan't everyone to know how he is with me and Arix as we do absolutely nothing but stick up for ourselves. I actually don't know where to make a report (for this particular post) as there isn't a button, but that's also the reason why I posted it here. It's also a complaint towards him. You too have a good night. Respect+[/QUOTE] Thank you Thee Lion for the compliment but a more effective way of resolving a situation like this is to private message Cart or Ikiliki instead of creating such an uproar through the forums. I am sure you were not aware of this but understand that we are committed to have a forum with more activity directed in the RSPS Section and other creative boards.
  9. Thee Lion i understand your frustration but you must understand the community environment we are attempting to foster is a friendly communication, and all the topics that must be addressed by the coordinators to be reported using our reporting system. by pointing out rule violators in the public you are creating a tense atmosphere. hope this clarifies some confusion hope you have a great night.
  10. Thread cleaned up. Please refrain from going off topic next cleanup will result in infractions. /Closed
  11. [quote name='Rog3r']Joe <3[/QUOTE] <3 i dare you to eat a bar of soap xD! [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=FirstTinychatDayz]#FirstTinychatDayz[/URL]
  12. my consensus is the age bracket that was attracted to the RSPS community has matured over time that being said many are busy making bad decisions in College and regretting it the next day and others spending their days at work. we are a tight knit community that is built on support for the very active and popular Toplist that has monopolized in RSPS private server lists.
  13. My name is Joe i am 22 years old, currently attending Daytona State College working towards my Bachelors in Business administration with a minor in accounting. currently taking courses in Meteorology, Survey of biological themes in film and Statistics. after this semester i will be transferring to the University of Central Florida! GO KNIGHTS! i also am a proud employee for the mouse as a Trainer and Coordinator of Retail at Walt Disney World. and also a Front End Manager at Kebabji in Daytona Beach located right off Beach street i handle all their marketing and the employee policies and guidelines along with website management. During my free (if i ever get free time) time i enjoy going to the Disney Parks and Universal Studios, love to go on at least one Cruise a year and i also LOVE the beach as i am from the wonderful Daytona Beach, FL and love the nightlife and a newly added hobby sky diving! I would like to think i have been involved in the RSPS scene i started RSPS with my first server MojoScape and when it closed in 2008 i was fortunate enough to start my own RSPS by the name of Darkroom, it was a large part of my high school life during that time the server peaked at 100+ players then i received a notice to close it down and i headed Jagex warning and closed it down in 2011. as you might guess i live in downtown Orlando i count my blessings everyday for the life i am fortunate to have and i do try and give back i enjoy volunteering for the SPCA and the Junior achievement and believe that everyone should be contributing whatever they can to help others. here is a small timeline for my Runelocus time. Member of runelocus since January 21st 2009 Original Username: Heroxsword CM of runelocus from July 26th 2010 Name changed to Joe October 23rd 2010 Graphics Sectional Mod from February 13th, 2011 Jr Global Moderator from August 20th 2011 Global moderator From February 22nd 2012 Any questions feel free to ask me via PM. and here is a recent picture of me last week when i went skydiving.