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  1. Hey guys my name is Alex, I have recently started working on a 317 rsps. I have fixed some problems within the server but I'm not very experienced in coding. So I am looking for some one who can help me get the server up and running soon, once server is ridden of all bugs and things I will be buying a VPS for it and you will be getting a definite spot in staff and other benefits witch will be discussed later. If you interested in helping please send me a Friends Request on Skype ---> little.al12 (Dont mind the name. Created the account long time ago) I will list some problems below. 1. Get rid of random PK spot in Lumbridge. 2. Duel arena counts toward you K/D 3. Duel arena glitch where if you stake and spam click on the opponent and win while still spam clicking, the Winnings board, where you Claim your prize disappears so you end up not getting your prize. (if you need a demonstration on this i can show you) 4. Add summoning (maybe) 5. Add turmoil Animation And some others. not too many. So if any one can help just Hit me up on Skype, again my name is ---> little.al12 Later will be of course in need of --> Admins/Mods/GFX Designers/Source & Client Developer's --> If you are interested in helping and being a part of this new up-coming server both comment what you want to help with and add me on skype.
  2. Hey guys, I need some help coding on my 317 Rsps. There a couple problems that I am having on my server which I can list off below and maybe someone can Step-by-Step help me. Also Im looking for a Coder for my server, I will be buying a VPS to host the server and you will get a position as staff on the server too, if you choose to stay. If you want add me on Skype SKYPE NAME - little.al12 Things i need: [QUOTE]Adding summoning Fixing pk area in Lumbridge Duel arena counts towards your KD (want to get rid of that) Editing magic teleport names and locations Adding Turmoil Animation [/QUOTE] and some other things I cant think of right now.... I have teamviewer so if anyone knows please add my on skype or comment :D