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  1. Well I'm not sure how that can be. I have the loader set to my public IP, and I can connect via that loader and via a loader with my local IP. Clearly the server is actually up, at least locally. Is there something I need to edit in the settings.java besides the IP/Port/Revision to actually allow others to connect?
  2. Hey all, used to host a 474 years ago, not really used to 718s at all, so sorry if I'm somewhat noobish with the new file layout. I got a source up and running and can connect to it myself, both via local IP, and the IP I port forwarded and want the server to use. However I sent the compiled client to my friend (Ben_U's client) and he gets stuck at 0% connecting with an error. He has turned off his firewall completely, but still cannot join. We tried with another server's client and he managed to get in, so I don't think it's a Java issue. I'm somewhat stumped. I've tested my ports and they all work according to both Rune Locus and the program I use to port forward.