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  1. Tractical

    Azureify 2007

    any news yet? :(
  2. Banner for fucking up the thread.
  3. we didn't even get a website
  4. BAck in old time ^ 2 Years ago my grammar was horrible.. xd
  5. Lol, support, arrav sucks and should be taken down, played for 5 mins, people there are retarted as fuck.
  6. It's idiotic, i don't get those guys, They are stupid and have a chance getting catched :S
  7. Evry 24 Hours would be fine, No i can't help you i'm not such a no life programmer.
  8. Stop bumping so much? ONCE A DAY what you don't understand?
  9. LOL, guys he's not that rich, i think hes apoor kid that life's in a box, a big box, whit a computer and a fridge in it ^_^
  10. [CENTER][img]http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/6544/vonherinincontstruction.png[/img] Vonherin Looks for an animator! Vonherin is an MMORPG under contruction, it's and mix between Runescape and WoW, but we will make it much different, what are we looking right now : [COLOR="#800080"]-1 Graphics designer(We got 1 already but we are looking for another one.) -2 Animators (We have some characters that need to move.) -1 Website Desginer (We got 1 already but we are looking for another one.) -1 Intro Maker -1 Modeller(That is really good in Milkshape 3d and other nice programs to use)[/COLOR] [B] Contact this MSN [email][email protected][/email] Add my msn to : [email][email protected][/email] [/B] The team: Leader of the project : JP (09) Graphics designers: Tractical (Junior Vanberghen) Website Creators: Nick -Please help us out!- [/CENTER]
  11. Sorry, I Can't help you cuz i'm not good in Java, I WIll be learning much more soon. Maybe i can help you after that "Time" It could take Years of learning Java ;)
  12. Nice old school, I Ain't joning cuz i only play 500+ Maybe it is but I Don't care! :) Good luck ;)