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  1. I'm interested in learning to code java. I'm not asking for complete tutorials yourself, but feel free to reply with links to good programs to use, good sources / clients (preferably 317) to use and if you know any well made tutorials feel free to share them as well. I am a complete noob right now so don't hate me for not knowing what I am talking about. Hopefully one day I'll be able to put something together and make a well-made server one day.
  2. I'm still interested in sharing my ideas with a developer / team in need of ideas for their server. Add me on skype (notthereck) if you'd like to hear my ideas, even if you aren't creating a server.
  3. theReck

    The Future?

    [quote name='kohlrak']RFID cards required for use with teleporter. Friends must go 1 at a time, and the ID cards must match (ID per family) when humanoids go through. Kidnapper would first have to figure out where the kid's card is hidden.[/QUOTE] This guy has got it all planned out. Nicely done. I still think the movie Jumper would be nice. Needing a photo or image in your head to jump there. What if I was thinking of a human? Would I teleport into the human? :P
  4. theReck

    The Future?

    [quote name='squashy']Good idea, all though it just makes it easier for me to kidnap kids ;)[/QUOTE] Well not really. The reason I say we would only be able to teleport to specific locations is so that you can't just teleport anywhere you want. I wouldn't mind being a "jumper" from the movie Jumper, if you've seen it.
  5. theReck

    The Future?

    I'd like to be able to teleport to specific locations, like out the front of the shopping centre or something. Key locations, not just any where we please, shopping centres, hospitals, police departments, ect.
  6. It's hard to explain but I don't mean suggestions as small things to add or anything like that. I mean the big parts of servers like, the revision, the home, the mini-games, the bosses, the skill zones, ect. All of these ideas of mine together will make a great server.
  7. He hasn't port forwarded the server / client or whatever yet so if you don't want to get hamachi, I wouldn't bother contacting him. Just thought I'd let you all know.
  8. I actually feel like 06Kayos will be one of the best remakes to this date. All updates are decided by the community via polls which shows that they are dedicated to listening to their players and the polls instead of throwing in updates left and right whenever they please.
  9. I'd help but that dropbox link leads to something that has been removed.
  10. Yeah he said he will be releasing it December this year, hopefully.
  11. You must get a new forum please. I hate this design ugh. But the game looks great. Edit: The game looked great by pictures and I downloaded the client fine. But as soon as you open the client it goes down hill. -Checking for updates freezes at 67% and doesn't continue about 50% of the times you open the client -Fetching for updates freezes at 92% and doesn't continue about 50% of the times you open the client -About 70% of the time the login screen loads and it just freezes and you can't enter a username or password. -About 50% of the time the login screen loads and you can enter a username and password but as soon you press enter or login, it freezes again. Quick tip, get your server out of Antarctica. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, and if not go ahead and say it's an error on my end, I doubt it.
  12. I was going to check it out until I noticed how screwed your registration system was. I complete the form, click continue, and it refreshes the page, great job. Let me know if you fix this.
  13. This actually looks really good. The inventory menu / bar down the bottom of the screen looks very clean and easy to access. Not to mention multiplayer looks like it'll be great fun.
  14. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']falconpunch is 100% right, your idea of a perfect rsps might be complete and utter shit to someone else, there will always be aspects of a server some people hate and some people like but that's just how rsps's work.[/QUOTE] Of course, I've obviously exaggerating the "perfect" rsps. No matter what it is there is always someone that wouldn't like it. But I know that A LOT of people will enjoy what I put together.
  15. [quote name='squashy']Doubt that would work out.[/QUOTE] Why wouldn't it? It's not hard for developers to get along with developers. Plus, the developers of Arios are all developers from other RSR's, that have come together to create Arios so it can be done again.