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  1. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']so basically you want someone to develop a server you already have online in return for 50% of the profits when they could develop there own and get 100% ?[/QUOTE] LOL really? You're right.. but the people that want to develop their own server wont contact me. The people that want to develop a server with a partner are the people that will contact me. Why would you care anyways? You don't know anything about me nor anything about my server. All I ask back is my spendings, the rest can go to the coder for all I care. I don't know how you got your information..?
  2. I know a couple people that are good coders and are under 16 years of age, but they aren't very mature and don't take things so seriously. I use to code my own server and I just thought that I could possibly meet somebody new that also knows how to code, so they can code the server, and teach me a few things as well since I'm not very good at it yet.
  3. Hello RuneLocus! I just wanted to make a post and see if I could get help from anybody with good coding skills. I have an RSPS up atm but I need a coder. I just don't know enough to run a RSPS on my own. If anybody is interested, please comment below or message me on skype! I don't want anybody that is not mature to be getting access to the files. I would like to have somebody ATLEAST 16 or older to help me with my server. Skype: specxlegit