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  1. Need cache, but it looks good haha
  2. [quote name='kohlrak']Not that good of a java developer, but this is what happens when IDEs like "job security." Code written under IDEs often call each other because they're included in the project, without being explicitly included in the code. When this works, programmers just take it as working then move on. Here's the rub: move to your non-IDE compiling and you don't have the scripts where the IDE automatically adds included files and things. Fortunately, it seems like you're only missing one file. Just figure out how to add it to the compiling process (read the compiling script, because i think other files are already getting explicitly included in it).[/QUOTE] Oh wait can i just use something like [QUOTE]src/sign/*.java[/QUOTE]?
  3. Alright so i set it to be loaded in eclipse and all that, and when i run it in eclipse i get no errors apparently, but when i compile it in the folder like normal i get the same error.. any ideas?
  4. Its imported as import sign.signlink; do i have to import signlink separately?
  5. well i had programming classes before and had all the basics down just never practiced a bunch with the more advanced stuff.. i had a server going for a little bit but just ran out of time and thats why i havnt programmed in two years so i forget a lot.. hold on ill post the error
  6. Hey guys, i just started back coding and working with rsps's but its been two years so im very rusty and i was never very good to begin with but im trying to get back on my feet..just having a few problems that i cant seem to fix (im sure they are easy just been too long).. so error im getting when i compile says that package sign does not exist, and it gives a bunch of .javas that use import sign.signlink and yes in signlink there is a package sign up top..the problem i think is that the directory for signlink is in client/sign and the rest of the java files are just in client.. i feel like i could just move the signlink to the client folder but im curious as to how i could fix this without that, as it might make things neater in the long run as i continue to do some stuff.. Any help is greatly appreciated and i know i may sound really nooby or something and im sorry haha [ATTACH]10662[/ATTACH]