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  1. Hello, I am new to RSPS coding and would like to know what base I should start with, I was thinking about PI but I have seen quite a lot of people say it's bad and I shouldn't use it. Maybe matrix? Thanks.
  2. What's your ETA on this project?
  3. [quote name='thaBoom']Weird. Ill help you later. I'm on mobile atm[/QUOTE] Thanks dude, will take a look on my end to see if it's something I am doing.
  4. [quote name='thaBoom']Whatever class or config file you last updated. Found this on Google in two seconds.[/QUOTE] I too googled it, thing is it was from a fresh DL.
  5. Hey, is this error coming from something I am doing wrong? java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at com.rs.Server.main(Server.java:46)
  6. [quote name='Arix']Dropbox is a junk alternative to team software like git or subversion. It is easy to set up (just a folder) that when multiple people have access to this folder, they see edits in near realtime. Ofcourse it has its flaws and limitations but RSPS people are just not professional. x) This is why so many people here use dropbox.[/QUOTE] Answers my question fully, thank you.
  7. Whenever I see screenshots of peoples server they always seem to use drop box. Is there a reason for this? And can you use an IDE to edit files directly hosted on dropbox?
  8. [quote name='Arix']Now all you need is [URL="http://netbeans.org"]a good IDE[/URL].[/QUOTE] Is this sarcasm? or is this actually better than Eclipse?
  9. So I am new to developing RSPS's and would like to find a client, source and cache to help get me started, I would like it to have a few basics but still have enough for me to figure out.l I tried Matrix but it was too much developed. Any help is appreciated.
  10. First & Last Name: Josh A (Would not like to disclose last name publicly) Age: 18 Country: England Why did you choose to be a BattleSoul Staff member? I want to become a part of a smaller PS with the hopes to help it grow. What will be your BattleSoul username? Josh What experience in Java Programming do you have? Little I am afraid, I have dabbled in RSPS and a little minecraft plugins. Which department do you wish to be in as a Staff member? (Administrator, Moderator, Programmer, etc)Administrator/Moderator. Are you happy with the 10% in payments you will get in return? Explain. (Yes/no) No, I would rather volunteer. Do you want to work in game or on the community forums? (Game, Community or Both) Both Do you wish to work with the server or client? This question is only for programmers. N/A Do you have Skype, Teamviewer & Join.Me? If so, state your Skype username. Skype - Please PM for this as it also has my last name :) Last but not least, create a small introduction of yourself! Hi, my name is Josh I am 18 and from the UK, currently studying level 3 computer game design and soon at a university degree level, I have been involved as a part are 2 large communities for CSS and GMOD and a few other smaller ones. I am looking to get more experience with RSPS, first as a moderator/administrator and eventually as a developer.
  11. With or without is fine. I'm new to this and want to make my own, but all the ones I can find are heavily customised, as long as the version doesnt have a ton of added features it's fine :).
  12. I can't seem to find a working link to a somewhat clean Matrix source alone nevermind with a client. Anyone have a link to one? Preferbly a thread not a directdl.
  13. How do I embed a launcher into a website using 718.