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  1. Does that mean we wont be able to use rune-server anymore? its really usefull for me i find most of the information and help i need there oh no!
  2. [quote name='falconpunch']Open your firewall inbound/outbound ports[/QUOTE] I tried that, but it didnt work :(.
  3. Im trying to port forward on my normal pc to work on my server with my friends! but its not working at all i tried alot of stuff and cant figure it out i go to the router setting and add a port forward but when i run the server and go to canyouseeme.org it says its offline i have windows 7 and my router is a D-Link DSL 6850U i think its a new model.
  4. [quote name='falconpunch']I believe it's in the client.[/QUOTE] i tried finding the text fun_weapons or fun weapons and i tried the id for the jframe it was 669 but i still didnt find it anyone can help me ?
  5. [quote name='pixel.95']What base u using.. ill give it a shot and say pi.. just add the weapon id to the array in config.java and it should be ok.. if you're not using pi let me know[/QUOTE] Yeah! i already did that but i want to change the Text "Fun Weapons" to "Whip/Dds", the one you tick it :p you know it now? And i do you use Pi
  6. Title says it all, i need to change fun weapons text in duel arena to whip/dds!. help is much appreciated!
  7. [quote name='falconpunch']Tutorialspoint.com is a great place, Udemy has great videos with awesome teachers and Javas main site, Oracle has tons of great guides. Youtube also has a variety of videos.[/QUOTE] Okay thanks, ill make sure to learn everything i find and make sure i understood everything!.
  8. [quote name='falconpunch']Learn Java and you'll know how to run those sources/clients. Also use Eclipse instead of .bat files.[/QUOTE] Oh, do you know any good tutorials for begginers? or should i just search it up?.
  9. I need a 614 source and client if anyone has it, please dont say search google because i downloaded like 20 files and none of them worked for me, some have client cache broken, some have alot of errors and some dont even have a run.bat working, and the rest have download links broken. i really need a 614 source and client, blank could be the best as im trying to make it a pk server thanks :D.
  10. my server voting isnt working it says: you have already voted for the last 12 hours. and were not getting any votes? its happening to everyone.
  11. [quote name='PwntNoob']Post your skype name, or add me: Joebenton2014.[/QUOTE] Vouch for this guy for helping me with commands and voting system! his the best and i allways see him helping people in runelocus thumbs up for you pwntnoob your the best!
  12. [SIZE=4][FONT=Impact]Before you comment: i tried using google there was tons of toturials but most of them are not working and some of them give me alot of errors and i just couldnt find a good toturial for me since im a begginer![/FONT][/SIZE] if anyone could help me make a voting system that would me amazing! ill give you my skype and teamviewer information if needed! just pm me :) thanks!
  13. [quote name='OP411']google is your friend or just rip it from another source[/QUOTE] Why does every body ask to search in google i searched in google for like 2 hours and then i posted here i allways do that! like its fucking dum...
  14. [quote name='OP411']its old af but here you go [url]http://goo.gl/4JfYWF[/url][/QUOTE] tried it wont work :(
  15. i already set the starter pack for what ever i want but there's a problem i want to make it only like 2 starter packs per ip and i dont know how to do that anybody got an idea how? thanks :D