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  1. Juron accept my skype thing dude I need to talk to you about DeathlySouls. Me & anik/beasted much are going to start it up again.

  2. Juron accept my skype thing, please I gotta talk to you about something important.

  3. [quote name='dr fawad']hey looks its 2 former deathlysouls players in 1 thread :d[/quote] oopps double post.
  4. [quote name='dr fawad']hey looks its 2 former deathlysouls players in 1 thread :d[/quote] 4 : D!
  5. Pr0 juron

    $500 budget

    i just build my pc few days ago its really easy also this video helped me alot [video=youtube;Bh455l3348s]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh455l3348s[/video]
  6. MMMKAAAY lmfao

  7. [quote name='Christopher`']Err, well, for one, your processor will bottleneck the shit out of your 660ti, and if I remember correctly, 500w isn't a smart idea with the 660ti. Get like a 600 or 630w.[/QUOTE] mmk thanks [quote name='Hash']Get an i5-3570k for processor, get some 1600MHz+ RAM and change power supply to a better one.[/QUOTE] i5 is a bit expensive what about Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz Dual-Core Processor? all i do is wanna play games no photoshop/recording/rendering etc. thanks everyone for help :) EDIT: PSU [URL="http://www.corsair.com/en/cx-series-cx6000m-modular-atx-power-supply-600-watt-80-plus-bronze-certified-modular-psu.html"]http://www.corsair.com/en/cx-series-cx6000m-modular-atx-power-supply-600-watt-80-plus-bronze-certified-modular-psu.html[/URL] is enough?
  8. [quote name='2kbarrows']If you posted where you're buying it from (website or physical shop) and overall total from all those. Edit: Oh yeah, post your budget aswell.[/QUOTE] $500-$800 the shop i have used is in german i don't think that you guys understand it, here it is [URL="http://pcp.ch"]pcp.ch[/URL] everything together costs $715 [quote name='Hash']What do you plan to do with it? Because many parts have to be changed for sure.[/QUOTE] i already have a really good computer, i mainly want to connect this computer with my TV to play games. what parts would you change?
  9. i wanna build my own pc does someone know if this will work or explode when i put it together? lol suggestions are appreciated. Motherbord; MSI B75MA-P45 GPU; Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 Ti PSU; LC-Power LC7500 V2.3 X Type - 500W Ram; Corsair Memory DDR3-1333 2GB x 2 CPU; Intel Pentium G860 (3.00GHz / 3MB) hard drive; Seagate SV35.5 Series - 3,5" - SATA 6Gbps - 500GB/16MB Case; Zalman Z9 Plus
  10. you need to run the server on the vps.
  11. loook i remember u from corruptionx and Fatality614. I was mod on Fatality.. my name was E4t my str.

  12. [quote name='pro juron'][COLOR="#0000CD"]so guys...can anyone tell me how i can make my own server on ihave no-ip account,utorrent acc too :) but idk how ican make it on iexactly need to know..how i can mix the source with the client mkay.. here is my msn: [email][email protected][/email][/COLOR][/QUOTE] why are you using my name?
  13. change your fucking name.