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    At-least add some content to the source.. pay $25 just to host instantly..
  2. RSPS isn't as big as it used to be to be honest.
  3. I get this error in client when jumping over Wildy Ditch Exception in thread "Thread-3" java.lang.NullPointerException at Client.draw3dScreen(Client.java:10034) } else if (anInt1018 == 41250 && frameMode != ScreenMode.FIXED) { at Client.method146(Client.java:13110) final boolean fixed = frameMode == ScreenMode.FIXED; at Client.drawGameScreen(Client.java:8740) stream.createFrame(120); at Client.processDrawing(Client.java:9898) private static String combatDiffColor(int i, int j) { at ClientEngine.run(ClientEngine.java:293) processDrawing(); at Client.run(Client.java:5081) menuActionRow++;at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  4. Got it to work, thank you
  5. I'm not an account holder for the internet so Charter can't portforward for me. Apparently they block no ports at all.
  6. Speaking in the live chat at the moment.
  7. It was on my computer from years ago, I've gotten rid of it. I've configured everything correctly in server and client. I've also tried both 43594, 43595 ports.. absolutely nothing it's not portforwarding at all.
  8. Is it possible that having Hamachi on my computer could be part of the problem?
  9. So I've done everything to portforward correctly even set a static ip like I was told to do by the site.. and it's not portforwarding no matter what I do? I've also got my firewall off.. still nothing I have an Linksys E1200 Router and I am using Charter Communications internet.. i've portforwarded the same 43595 port before about 2 years ago and now it's not letting me..
  10. If you need help making a forum let me know! Skype:Tim.tim4201
  11. Good server! Nice Owner!
  12. Still one of my favorite servers ever
  13. Great server been here for two weeks and i love it