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  1. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']you see its kids like you that have made 90% of the HQ members leave runelocus, Your new to the scene, you think your opinion actually matters and carries some weight, It does not. I have been a member of runelocus for 5+ years, people know I [B][U]used[/U][/B] to hack, Im a [B][U]retired[/U][/B] blackhat. I don't want your respect ? I have nothing to gain by trying to earn your respect, you clearly know very little and have nothing to offer to this community apart from an ego the size of a datacenter. Im not going to release the converted version because im not letting people leech and be spoonfed, I would rather them learn for themselves. [url]www.thelulzproject.com[/url] is mainly used for storing files for runelocus on now such as servers, cache's, clients, rs-tools, etc oh okay so just because I used to be a hacker the script is now backdoored ? Ikikiliki isn't going to close this because he understands that resources and scripts should be free for people to learn from.[/QUOTE] And im also taking a break from hacking "back in a few months"
  2. [quote name='Ziek`'][url]http://grammarist.com/spelling/realise-realize/[/url][/QUOTE] Oh right, different countries have different ways in spelling it. But anyways, I think I'll ignore this thread as its stupid discussing hacking related things here.
  3. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']oh and also you do realise what phishing is right ? where you duplicate a website and host it then direct people to it in order to grab there login information ? how are you supposed to phish a site that your providing as a download ? not to mention the passwords are encrypted with a salt to prevent them from being cracked ? as I said you clearly know nothing. + you've just earned yourself an ip ban from my website to prevent you downloading any past or future releases :)[/QUOTE] You realise its spelt as realize? Oh wow, ipban me from your site, big deal? I am already a moderator on a large hacking website. Also you are clearly mental, I said "there's probably an exploit inside the script." I didn't say the download page. Keep chirping me or others here and ill report your posts.
  4. [quote name='StevenAbraham']Not to big of a deal, but the glow cuts off at the left end.[/QUOTE] Yeah I might have to use a brush to blur or remove that.
  5. [quote name='Envo'][URL="http://shorten.pw"][CENTER][IMG]http://www.shorten.pw/content/auto_site_logo.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [/URL] [B]About[/B] Shorten.pw was created to give people a reliable and simple solution to shorten URL's or mask URL's. This tool is also helpful if you want to track how many clicks a certain link gets. It also tells you other information like what country your visitors are from, which website they came from and more. Here is what an average URL looks like.. [url]http://www.shorten.pw/QJTSy[/url] To view stastics you can either signup and manage all your links from our user control panel or add a + to the end of the URL like this. [url]http://www.shorten.pw/QJTSy+[/url] Give it a try, shorten some URL's. It's a good way to tell where your traffic is coming from and you can also use it to mask a URL so people don't know where it leads. [url]http://shorten.pw[/url] Pictures[/QUOTE] I agree with [MENTION=35144]Hope[/MENTION] but it would be a little better if this were to be on RuneLocus on an extra link like runelocus.com/shorten. Idk but good job dude.
  6. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']Would you please shut the fuck up, not my fault your incapable of editing a few lines of php and swapping out a few images to make it rsps themed. who even are you ? 38 posts and joined in august ? "[COLOR=#ff0000]this doesn't work[/COLOR]" ? I managed to set it up without any issue an add several test users + servers, L2PHP. as for you saying its misleading I clearly said "[COLOR=#ff0000]Yes it is meant for minecraft but with a bit of editing you could easily turn it into an rsps script[/COLOR]" at the top of the thread. just leave this thread, you have no idea what your talking about and watching you lick ikiliki's arse on my thread is not what I released it for. (no offence to iki)[/QUOTE] Kid you should learn some respect before talking here. You are no cool by having 500 more posts than me or some more time here but so what? I can be respectful unlike someone. [B] I managed to set it up without any issue an add several test users + servers, L2PHP. [/B] You should of released the converted version instead of being lazy and making members convert it themselves? This release isn't a help from you, its just a release of nulled scripts that you have linked on another forums site - which is probably yours. Also so what if I don't know what I'm talking about? Atleast I've made a point about this. FYI posting shit like [B]just leave this thread, you have no idea what your talking about and watching you lick ikiliki's arse [/B]wont help you in any way in the future here, or in life. Learn respect and you'll earn it back. :gg: This thread should be closed by a staff member as we don't need members advertising unsuccessful RuneScape-server Toplist advertisements here as [B][I]RuneLocus is the #1 site right now. EDIT: [/I][/B]You hack now? Wow even worse. This is from his advertised website above for the download link. He's a 'hacker' probably putting exploits into the script above to phish =P [spoiler=Click to read] [QUOTE]Hey there Welcome to TheLulzProject The website is currently being updated And im also taking a break from hacking Back in a few months ~Lulzs3c_ [/QUOTE] [/spoiler]
  7. [quote name='Chronicscape']Not bad but no offense if you had a bugged makeover mage then you were using Matrix... People should not use a Matrix based source. Sure ALL 718 has all the matrix devs who did EVERYTHING halfassed but thats why we got people like this who make it better. So in a way what I am trying to say is keep making Matrix better for the rest of the new people so they can learn of what not to do and what is right. We could use more people that do that. I have been redoing source code for a lot of people and recently like in the past month I have been absent but now you are making me want to release my current server haha.[/QUOTE] Stop flaming all my threads. You are no help and no offence but you are not the greatest coder. You probably used the Matrix source for yours. All servers that are 718 are based off Matrix. I know this because I've been coding 718s since the first release came out.
  8. [quote name='Daedalus']This should have been taken to PM in the first place, as this will most likely getting random users searching for such leak.[/QUOTE] I didn't even realize that. I will remove the post and private message to a staff member.
  9. [quote name='Ikiliki'][URL]http://topg.org/Runescape[/URL] [URL]http://www.mmorpgtoplist.com/runescape[/URL] [URL]http://www.****************/[/URL] [URL]http://www.top100arena.com/runescape/[/URL] [URL]http://www.************.org/toplist/[/URL] [URL]http://top50servers.com/category/Runescape-Private-Server/[/URL] [URL]http://www.rsps-list.com/[/URL] [URL]http://www.arena-top100.com/category/Runescape/[/URL] [URL]http://topofgames.com/RuneScape/[/URL] Scared of competition? Me? No, I'm just scared of operating in a scene without others trying to bring in innovation :P[/QUOTE] [quote name='pasta186']Fair play ;P Tbf the RSPS scene is basically that already so it's inevitable albeit unfortunate that the RSPS Toplist scene will be soon. :/ Keep things fresh and unique bud! All the best, Harry[/QUOTE] Competition LOL. I'm quite sure Ikiliki owns RuneLocus am I right @[B][URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=1"]Ikiliki[/URL][/B]? Which means he owns the most popular toplist in the world for RuneScape servers. =P
  10. [quote name='ikiliki']aaaaaaaaaand yet another rsps toplist script. In a year we'll have more toplists than rs private servers ;-)[/quote] Omg I hope this doesn't happen. It's like the end of the world if that happens... I rather [U][B]more runescape servers[/B][/U] then [U]unsuccessful rsps communities[/U].
  11. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']Needed a toplist script for another project so I decided to rip this template It's a complete toplist script that uses mysql, allows users to add there own servers and has a 100% callback API. Yes it is meant for minecraft but with a bit of editing you could easily turn it into an rsps script Features : [LIST] [*]Callback API [*]Allows users to upload banners [*]Supports ip logging [*]Allows you to clear votes every month [*]Allows captchas and other authentification services [*]Multi-vote blocking such as cookie storing and ip blocking [*]Has a built in comments system where users can comment on servers [*]Displays downtime, uptime, voting statistics, etc [*]Allows port selection [/LIST] preview > [URL]http://codecanyon.net/item/complex-minecraft-servers-list/full_screen_preview/4062368[/URL] Download > [URL]http://www.thelulzproject.com/rsps/runelocus/toplist%20script.zip[/URL] enjoy[/QUOTE] Before I used this and tried to edit it and it was unsuccessful. This doesn't work and you should edit the title as its not an actual RuneScape-server toplist your releasing. I appreciate the contribution though!
  12. [quote name='Hope']If you're going to release something (especially for new learners), you should do it the right way. This is one of the reasons the RSPS community has terrible programmers.[/QUOTE] Thanks but I don't think anyone really needed it anyway.
  13. [quote name='Orcus']Wasn't mean like that, just look at the code.[/QUOTE] I know. What I was meaning is, that site is unsafe and sucks so therefore I recommend using RuneLocus over their community as its better here.
  14. Screw r-s and the members there. RuneLocus is a better and safe community that actually does updates to the website every so often other than their old terrible looking websites and the rude staff there. OT: Good job.