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  1. Welcome to my first re-opening announcement of HeavenX After months of deciding, I will like to announce HeavenX will be be launching this year! What was HeavenX? HeavenX is a fan and friendly based 317 custom private server which was open to the public 5 years back, with a player base of 100+ HeavenX was the best custom server around within the time frame is was open, with friendly and unique staff HeavenX had stuff on which no other server had at the time! - Due to not having time to run the server and personal issues going on in life, I decided to close the server down. As a owner of a private server I was deeply sadden to see all the relationships I built with players in game just vanish, but sometimes in life I had to realise the important things and RSPS at the time was not one of them. HeavenX in 2020 & What will the community expect? So... my plan is to release HeavenX before the start of 2021, I am currently looking for a team who can help me along the ways before release such as, beta testers, staff for in game release etc - i have been working on something for the past couple of months and I feel this is the best time to publicly announce this to the RSPS community, HeavenX will be a 317 revision custom server with many of customs to obtain and sell, ranging from monkey bombs & swords there will be alot of to chose from when you play HeavenX. If you are interested in joining my team to help me finish my project please add my discord below - All work will be paid out via PayPal or in game rankings and in game items! HeavenX Requires - Co Manager, Administrators, Moderators, Helpers, GFX Designers, Forum Managers, Youtubers! xLBoltsy#1665
  2. Hey RuneLocus, I am looking to purchase a very good custom server base with a client & cache, the server must contain 0 errors with many custom items and raids etc just like Dream-Scape, Azura, Imagine-PS and so on all the leaks on the download section have errors. I have money waiting as I am looking to start from something that has already been built but I will defiantly change things - I use to run a server back couple years ago when eclipse really was not a thing so if someone has a very good custom server files please drop me a message on discord, I also don't mind using a middleman for the transaction. xLBoltsy#1665