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  1. was wondering if anyone knows any guides for a 718 server using aseprite all replies are very appreciated! :)
  2. hey everyone! just wondering if anyone knows how to edit the log-in page background. remember im knew to this but i know enough. thanks for all help and replies! means a lot! :)
  3. It may be a game but when people give you hours of their life to help another out it means a lot so they needed a big thankyou :)
  4. A impressive tutorial and help as always from [MENTION=188486]Danielxx[/MENTION]
  5. This post is just a quick thank-you to everyone who has taken a lot of time out of their way to help me out on a rsps especially danielxx, who I've currently spent a few days with him showing me and making tutorials on how to build up a rsps which i was clueless about at the start! on runelocus ive always had possitive feedback and support apart from the odd case, but still rarely! a excellent site with amazing support, thankyou to the following people: [MENTION=188486]Danielxx[/MENTION], [MENTION=94449]Arix[/MENTION], [MENTION=190079]JackDaRipper[/MENTION] and [MENTION=188861]Fall Out[/MENTION]. thanks guys, yours Phatmage
  6. thankyou Daniel, was nice to read that support from you :) and fall out, thats exactly what im looking for, massive thankyou to all who helped and supported! :)
  7. [quote name='Coded']You don't make it, you download a client and edit the stuff silly :p. If you think you do, have fun with that(I gaurantee you won't be able to make one.)[/QUOTE] you've miss understood me :p
  8. why?? thanks for the worst reply ive had, just asking? as its only for a few mates..
  9. new to this ect, will really appreciate any replies and help. always thanking for replies! :)
  10. okay thank you guys, these reply's are much appreciated! and i will thank, anyone who helps :)
  11. My error was because I used spaces instead of underscores, if your name has spaces remember to use"_"
  12. hey, im new to this and all but i was wondering how i can make myself donator? any ideas, thanks:)
  13. hey, im new to this building rsps thing but im wanting to know how do i make it so that a player has completed kiln? thanks. :)