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  1. Beast server guys, should all come join!
  2. Will come on soon only because i know you're a good java developer and that i know the server content wont be half ass'd junk like other servers these days. good luck :)
  3. [quote name='scorpion832']still need help ;p[/QUOTE] no one is going to help you... oh wait its more along the lines of no one wants to help... stop bumping and actually find a way to fix it instead of asking to be spoonfed...
  4. nice contribution im sure someone will have use for this. good job :)
  5. [quote name='damoenceno']Hi, For a school project i am trying to develop at rsps community and game, located at projectsequestered I am having issues turning the client into a web client, I have tried multiple times with different tutorials and followed them correctly step by step. Jarring is simple, Yet once i jar the client it does not open. The .Bat file gives off no errors, So i am simply stuck. Many people are suggesting jarring through an IDE (Eclipse). Anyways it is due in 2 weeks and if there is anyone out there that can either send me a webclient that i can simply just put the cache link & server ip in then upload would be awesome. Would be happy to send some money your way for helping me out. - Thanks[/QUOTE] so you're doing an assignment on something that breaches copyright © 1999 - 2015 Jagex Ltd. and is probably illegal and you're going to show this too your class? lmao.
  6. [quote name='Hope']Your zombies don't have proper animations.[/QUOTE] This^^^ it looks horrid and unprofessional, i'd suggest you fix it. OT: Good luck.
  7. squashy


    Looks really good but the minotaur looks a bit like Alistar from League :)
  8. [quote name='Hope']Just try it on your own. You won't learn anything otherwise.[/QUOTE] its like talking to a brick wall, you wont get through to him, in about 5 hours he'll be bumping the thread still wanting to be spoonfed.
  9. one reason why i love these client releases is the toggle option for the client gameframe, good job and thanks for the contribution.
  10. squashy

    Kratos 530

    good luck too you hope and the rest of the team. may i ask what the experience rates are?
  11. [attachment=156:4653655282.png] My test, fucking Australia...
  12. [quote name='Next To Pk']lol its a rat do not download this try opening it does not open becareful ....[/QUOTE] it doesn't open but that could be due to alot of reasons. someone scan it?
  13. squashy

    Real Real Life

    [quote name='Hope']So just leaving the police station. College house got broken into by 5 black guys and got a gun pointed at my face. Spent 3 hours in the police station and am not allowed to enter my house for another 6 hours because they're currently getting a search warrant. Been coolin at Denny's for the AM. There's some real life for you.[/QUOTE] lol 5 to break into 1 house? ripperino [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=bumchums]#bumchums[/URL] , hope your okay :P
  14. squashy


    i have the same monitor and i can ensure its not worth getting, the thing does whatever it wants turns off randomly and dims the display whenever it wants.
  15. [quote name='Thee Lion']Yeah there are a bunch of 2006 remakes. Just use a PI from the downloads section.[/QUOTE] there are but most of them aren't even worth trying.