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  1. Out of no where, the NPC's started disconnecting players whenever they try to attack an npc. WHATS HAPPENING? Here is a little gif overview of it: [URL=http://www.makeagif.com/OUCLTN][IMG]http://cdn.makeagif.com/media/8-11-2014/OUCLTN.gif[/IMG][/URL] DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S CAUSING THIS AND/OR FIX THIS? Would really love it if someone would help me out here.
  2. This works for some people and doesn't work for the other people, I don't know the cause because I just want a jar client that works with everyone! Whenever I jar my client, it works for me and my friend also some other people that try it. Theres also another handful of people where when they try to open the jar file they get an error like this: [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/wu2rmq.png[/IMG] I HAVE ALREADY TRIED JARING IT WITH ECLIPSE. So please don't give me the option to jar with eclipse since the client works for some and doesn't for others..does anyone know how to fix this. I really need testers for my server and only got 50% players out of 100%....
  3. [quote name='high105']And it worked for you and your someone else, but didnt work for your friend?[/QUOTE] Yea like it works for some people. Its weird, I want it to work for everyone.
  4. [quote name='high105']Is this when you use the webclient?[/QUOTE] No this is a normal jar file that I uploaded and sent to my friend
  5. [quote name='high105']Does this error happen for you as well? And what is the exception[/QUOTE] No it works perfectly fine for me. I just don't understand because it worked with some other kid. I then gave it to another kid and he got the same problem. Best of yet, he had JDK too. The cause isn't from JDK (My hypothesis) can you add me on skype and help me through this please? Skype: mrMiamiii
  6. [quote name='Danielxx']Command is fine, is the rights correct? and set out the same?[/QUOTE] Need your help man
  7. I actually know how to jar a client and I always do it and sign it. My problem is whenever my friend downloads it and tries to open it, it says "Java exception has occured" and it pisses me off because I try everything! Any help? Btw I'm using Hyperion 474 base