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  1. The new Features are insane!
  2. Imphact

    Big Gucci Sosa

    Gang Gang!
  3. [quote name='Freedom712']Sorry man ill fix it, also bump been at 20 players all day![/QUOTE] Congratz! And server is doing amazing!
  4. Imphact

    Cannot change IP

    make sure the client port = server port change localhost to
  5. Great server tons of features! love it!
  6. Amazing server! growing fast! bump!
  7. One of the best Rsps's out there I play this, should rlly come check it out
  8. [IMG]http://hostilityps.com/big1.png[/img] [SIZE=5]Welcome to HostilityPS[/SIZE] HostilityPS has been under development for many months, enriched in content for all your entertainment. There are currently 26 Achievements to complete ranging from Beginner to Hard. We offer a wide variety of mini-games from the basic duel arena, to blast furnace, Fishing Trawler and so many more. Our economy is a Medium level state, its not easy but its not hard to earn items and coins. You will be awarded a loyalty point for every hour you are online, these points can be exchanged in our custom interface. Donator? Did you know you can upgrade your account at any time by talking to the Donator upgrade lady, We use all of your previous donations and add them all together , if you pass the amount required you can upgrade when ever you wish too! [SIZE=4][B]Links[/B][/SIZE] Landing Page:[url=http://hostilityps.com]HostilityPs - Advanced RuneScape Private Server 2015[/url] Community:[url=http://hostilityps.com/forum]HostilityPS #1 Rsps Community[/url]