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  1. Coder and host needed for my private server. will get 50% of donations and co-owner status. i can code a little bit but not how i would like so this is why i'm making this.
  2. i opened the port on my router, put exception thru firewall, not working. idc how to do it i just want to know how to get my server online and it seems like this port forwarding isnt working
  3. utorrent says ports open
  4. -.- its saying its not open but they'res no reason for it not to be open..
  5. i've portforwarded, put the exception on the firewall, and still to no avail. someone kindly help me out cause i've been attempting this for awhile and haven't found a fix yet. really i just want to know someway to get my server online via port forwarding utorrent anything. thanks.