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  1. The big rectangular bar at the bottom of your keyboard is a space. You don't need to use _'s in your username anymore bud.
  2. Title, theres no clear place to release website templates etc.
  3. Substance

    visual bug

    The star rating looks kinda weird
  4. You going to win GFX rank here too?


    1. Substance


      Theres a gfx rank? :p

  5. Add me ingame if you're down for voice comms (english) and carrying my ass out of b5. I'm not terrible at the game btw (just need to hone my skills). Summoner name: SubstanceRs
  6. 150px is kinda small wanted to use as my signature but cos its 220px i cant 300px would be a more reasonable limit imo.
  7. 1. Create a new document, write some text. The font used here is "Cinzel" but any trajanesque font will do. 2. Right click your text layer, click blending options and add a bevel and emboss with these settings 3. Now add a drop shadow 4. Next add a gradient overlay 5. Finally a faint stroke 6. Next go to google and find some metal/grunge texture and place it on a new layer over your text, right click the layer and click create clipping mask. 7. Finally set that layer to overlay There you go, you saved paying $10 for someone to make this for you.
  8. https://www.sendspace.com/file/n07p6g