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    614 x2 client open

    So im trying to multi log on a 614 server and when i try to open the second client the screen goes white. then i ask friends if there able to multi log and there able to. so if any one has a answer to this thanks.
  2. So im co-owner on a 614, and theirs someone that's flooding the server. After while it start to lag and then the server crashes. then it we'll have to go into the VPS and turn the server back on. He has done this two times already and its getting annoying . is there anyway we can prevent this from happening?
  3. Centrax

    614 x2 client open

    [quote name='high105']One trick that is really easy is, download the spawnscape cheat client set it up with that IP Another one, I personally never got to work, but people I know have is: Just opening 2 at the same time really quick until they load together...[/QUOTE] Sweets thanks for the info man. by any change are there any other ways to do it? becaues i really dont want to dl a SS cheatclient and get a risk of getting a rat