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  1. Looks like any other servers, might give it a try
  2. Looks very decent and different from other servers! Good luck :D
  3. Very nice PVP server! :D Great that spawning is back
  4. Seems very nice! Might join :D
  5. Why are you trying to pack the cache?
  6. Are you sure your client is set to
  7. There's pretty much nothing you can do about it, it may just be because there's a problem in the source or the source is running something slowly
  8. Mathy

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    Also have you changed the IP in the client folder because you can play if you're on locahost which is but no one else can
  9. Mathy

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    If you don't want to learn java which wouldn't be recommended you could post some pictures like the compiler or things like that (the errors and stuff) For the port, use canyouseeme or any other port checking system so if it says offline, you have a problem there
  10. Mathy

    server help

    I could help you code :) I have experience on all revisions
  11. Have you changed the IP of the client? And are you sure the source is running because 718 are source based which means if the source aint working then the client isn't working
  12. Yes it could be in yellmanager or it could be in commands.java but as ChronicScape said it's bad to have it set to names and not ranks