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  1. if someone needs help packing them into a 718 cache pm me.
  2. drakthuro

    718 rsps 753 cache

    heya, i was wondering what is missing? i've been searching quite a while for a proper 742+ cache which has the working models of goblin village etc. So i just took the cache of rune-evo "final release" the object models are working good, removed all the gun crap from the cache aswell. but i am stuck with 1 minor issue ;p. Some textures. The tzhaar warlord helmet, firebrand bow and some graphics aswell. This is what it looks like. The thunder graphic should be a ball of lightning but instead i get a nontextured plane ;p my old cache has none of these problems but is missing the new objects at goblin village etc and i am missing some interface scripts. And this cache from rune-evo is missing textures *or something else*. Is there any easy fix for this? tnx in advance.
  3. Hey arix, ya pretty stupid of me I never actually tried another cache. *was just assuming things**. I edited way to much in my own cache to actually just switch to a clean one with proper models and interfaces. What I do need though is some information toward index editing. I know we can edit some indexes with a few editors. Like index 3 for the interfaces and the index for music etc. But could someone explain how to properly replace an index. Like in my cache index 3 are a few interfaces not showing properly and some configs aswell. How can I take a working index from a proper cache into my cache? I know I cannot just simply copy paste it. it will just make my cache crash. Ty in advance for the information
  4. Hi yall. I need some help understanding the maps. since in some servers few parts are broken, including mine. This was from the rune-evo source where i am missing some map data. Here is a picture of my falador near goblin village and the temple. Is it since i miss xteas or is it all cache related? since my world map shows everything correctly. And if its cache related is it possible to fix it through my current cache? since i edited allot of stuff which will take forever if i have to add them in a new cache. Further i need some proper explanation about npc specific drops. I know its possible to make a npc drop a certain item when the player has the required value. Like if quest1 = true; drop item 1, 5 etc etc but how would i properly implement this? does it matter if i add it all to the npc drop method? or is it better to make a new method in a new .java for it? All help is appreciated!
  5. same error for this why do I get this error though?
  6. I read that article aswell. but even with enabling these option, it wont reload my classes. only things it keeps saying when i do it, Parsing,compiling,finishing. but it will not reload my classes. i think my settings are wrong but for the rest i have no clue
  7. that's the problem. intellij doesnt do that anymore. it only fully compiles. Even when i use compile a single file, nothing changes untill i use the full compiler and restart my server :'/
  8. sort of, besides my rsps project i work on a modding project. Which involves me doing: Character Modeling/animating Enviroment Design Soundtracks So just a bit of music ;3
  9. heya. i need help configuring intellij idea properly for my 718 again. it used to work as i wanted to which was. Beign able to start the server in normal and debug mode. - Beign able to compile the server realtime, without having the server to be shut-down and restart to apply to the updates. Beign able to compile a single file, which also reloads the sellected class without having to restart the server. I probaly have set some configuration options wrong. but intellij compiles all the files normally. which makes me need to restart the whole server. before *yesterday* i could compile everything and a single file. which reloads all the classes while my server was online. so what i need is what i wrote above. i need my compiler in intellij to reload all my classes when i compile all help is appreciated
  10. hey oneg, everything i used in the controler is only 1 dialogue and the controler itself. it's in my first post as hidden content :P. beneath the error message
  11. even if i do not port the player with the dialogue and only update the stage. and port the player with the controler itself on the updated stage then the same error appears. and it is initialized in the controler? if not then i dont get it.