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    [quote name='davk45']sorry for all these questions but one more thing... my server is up and running, however, i edited the server name from "Prixable" to "Davekscape" and changed the welcome message from "Welcome to Prixable" to "Welcome to Davekscape" in the config.java file, but it still says "Welcome to Prixable" when i log on.[/QUOTE] Did you compile?
  2. [quote name='ScoobySeid']No one said gays are how things are supposed to be. No fucking shit it's man and woman, but that doesn't take away from the fact that people are different. You are not like me and I am not like you. If you have the right to kiss your girl in public, why shouldn't a gay man have the right to kiss another man? Who are you to judge what I do with my sexual and personal life? Wow. Look at this guy. He's judging America as a "self destructive" and "none productive" country WOW. I'm sure this guy has all the qualifications to make such assumptions! I have no clue if you're retarded but having people separated based on sexual preferences is exactly the opposite of how you make a productive country. But It's okay. People like you narrow minds will die off. People who are accepting and love each other will live on. You are in the minority. (You're a gigantic faggot and have a narrow mind)[/QUOTE] "Who are you to judge what I do with my sexual and personal life?" I am able to judge whomever, and however I want as you "Obama-lovers" judge us. For the past Decade (+ or - a few years). This country has done nothing. Absolutely nothing. We are causing more problems than we are solving, deleting compromises from our thoughts and becoming more bipartisan. I need qualifications, yet our President doesn't, which seems logical right? HAHAHAHAHA, the separation based on sexuality was a sarcastic joke, welcome to internet talk where this conversation is going to end up going no where and you will end up being more ignorant than before. I have the exact opposite of a narrow mind, and I am open-minded. I have an opinion and so do you, which you are trying to make gayness the leading cause of our greatness. You have the incapability to see the world as it is. Realist vs. Idealist. Both have positive and negative factors, yet both are balanced equal. I am not equal to you, I am not essentially better than you, nor less than you, but nobody is equal. As you said, you and I are different and we think different, yes. Though I am by no means equal to a gay or lesbian (You will take this as if I am stating I am better than them, or something. That's how liberals are lol. Stereotyping at its finest). I have a positive over their negative, sure, I can actually make a baby the legitimate way, while they must use some others means necessary. This gay shit really is a minor problem to our bigger ones. But not even our "GREAT" President can figure out how to fix the big problems, so he likes to focus on smaller ones. The big problems are extremely simple to fix, but everyone is too afraid, like you. You did use retarded in a false form by the way. Might want to go look up the definition. Edit: Just so you know, you called me retarded and attacked my essential position of fact. Therefore, I will attack you back with words of destruction towards your character and well-being as you did I.
  3. When people try and pull the "what-if our whole community was gay and not straight." Well fuck, obviously we would be having the same issue but people would want to become straight. Shut the hell up and embrace the reality, we are made to create life through a women and a man. That position is altered through science, in which those who cannot make a baby, can still have one. NO, being gay or lesbian is not how things are "supposed" to be, however things change, and all of the liberals who allow gays to penetrate our country will soon wonder why we no longer control our country through numbers of losing battles against the government and each other. We are beginning to become self-destructive, a none productive country. The United States is considered a pussy pushover country, and others know it. I have no idea where this gay/lesbian crap is going to go, but this could turn into a human race difference, as in a world separated by those who are gay and those who are straight. In my opinion, that would make lives easy for everyone. Yet, nothing sensible will ever happen because their minds are so clouded with nonsense that they can't even figure who actually drives the fucking economy. I love my country, yet hate many of the people who live in it, mostly illegal immigrants, corrupt government workers, and people who are lazy. (I have a gay couple whom lives on my street, you wouldn't notice they are until you actually asked them or assumed. They don't show it off in public, and all you can exactly know is that they live in the same house. )
  4. [quote name='deathlypvpz']Utorrent is already using 43594, It doesn't work to portforward with Utorrent.[/QUOTE] This is what happens when I portforward. My client cmd is on the left, and it wont load, however my server says it is running on the right.
  5. I tried portforwarding with my router and it does the same thing.
  6. Edit: Figured it out.
  7. It is supposed to be "55555" five 5's. Edit: I am trying to port forward with bittorent, and it says port 43594 is already in use on my source cmd. I can cannot connect to my game, yet the client does load. "Error Connecting to Server" prompt. I don't know what I should do.