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  1. Download not working? Please new download link..
  2. I can't find it somewhere in my firewall.. here is a pic [url]http://prntscr.com/443yr6[/url]
  3. [quote name='high105']Check to make sure you IPv is still the same, sometimes the it changes from say, to This is a simple fix as you just have to update it in your router settings.[/QUOTE] It's [quote name='gavdog54']Well if you don't see the option in your router settings to add a DMZ it's probably the case that your router doesn't have the feature. Basically you add a computer on the network as a DMZ host and the router will forward all inbound traffic on every port to that computer only.[/QUOTE] Where should i look for the option DMZ?
  4. [quote name='gavdog54']This can normally be done by going into your router settings, something like or Go to settings, then firewall then add the port to the open list. Or you can add a DMZ host which will forward all traffic to a specific computer on the network, while easier doing it this was is less secure so be careful.[/QUOTE] I've added from before the port using the video up but not working.. Can you explain me whats that "DMZ"?
  5. Still not working.......... :S I'm feeling dumb after coding my server for 2 months now and I can't portforward it or make it online........
  6. Ehm, I want to open port 43594 in my computer but I can't......................................... I used Utorrent and clicked ctrl+p then putted port 43594 still nothing then went to firewall and made tcp/udp in inbound rules and in outbound rules and still my port 43594 is not open. then I used the cmd method by typing ipconfig and did it then still my 43594 port not on.. If you can help me then please post here or add me in skype: gafer.alkazzaz I have teamviewer if you need :) Thanks for everyone who helps me here :)
  7. die losers

    Some problems

    [img]http://i.imgur.com/FY4HTMc.png[/img] ^This error I get when I run my sverer, I got eclipse, skype and teamviewer if anybody feels like helping me or giving me advice please plase please post here or add m in skype: gafer.alkazzaz. Thank you very much :)
  8. Nice release bro, but i cant find char files?
  9. [quote name='A Duck Tale']hes trying to port foward by the looks of it. The IP that you are typing in wont get you to the control panel of your router. if you post the brand and model number we could have a look for you for the correct IP. (It should be in your manual you got with the router though...)[/QUOTE] How woudl i get the brand and model number? [quote name='officiallulzs3c']yeah but by the looks of his screenie hes trying to host a website off his home connection ? also use utorrent if your trying to portforward, allot simpler[/QUOTE] Can you send me a tutorial for it here?
  10. Hi guys, I just got a problem with hosting and its when I got to my ip address it doesn't work http : //prntscr . com/3y1bp6 I've tired to do it many times, used 3 different browsers firefox, chrome and explorer.... If there is any other way to host server, can you send me video or tutoria or telling me how to fix this problem? thanks..