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  1. I need you help ,Divine, to find a song you showed me a really long time ago.

    1. Blake


      I've got you mate, what song?

    2. DoseSociety


      its the one about the person being killed in an ally 

  2. DoseSociety

    OSRS client question

    I was wondering if anyone has reverse engineered the official OSRS client yet, or if it would even be remotely possible. Thanks for your answers.
  3. Thanks for your guidance, Im going to take a go at it.
  4. Any idea how hard login is Todo?
  5. my deviant art dose society http://dosesociety.deviantart.com/
  6. Is it really less code? I would like to see that demonstrated. I was imaging that an enumeration might be cumbersome for the class that fuzen has writen.
  7. You don't really need an enumeration do you? Couldn't you just create an array with the rares, then made an if statement that calculates weather they gained a rare or not; if they got the rare give them only that, if they didn't give them the ordinary item. Either way good job keeping up on of this content you release fuzen.
  8. [B]Basic Skill outline for programming[/B] [B]Data table/Enumeration[/B] *Contains all/most of the data required for the skill to function *Includes level requirements, xp reward, item rewards, items required to do the skill, and that's about it [B]Constructor[/B] [code]public Example(Player player) { this.player = player }[/code] * for the skill you construct an instance of every skill in the player class so you can access them from there [B]execute() [/B] * ties together all functionality to be ran. Makes everything happen. * execute is normally where you'll take data inform so in some cases you might want to create this method looking something like this [code]public void execute(int objectId) { switch (objectId) { case 0: break;, case 1: break; } } [/code] [B]performSkill()[/B] * this is where you handle the animation, give reward, xp, and delete items used in skilling or whatever else [B]processEvent()[/B] * You won't need to use this on all skills but there is a fair amount of skills were you will want to create an event to process the skill. For example I would create an event for crafting that tells the player to craft a single gem until all of the uncrafted gems had been crafted. If you want to see this example in code I posted crafting already done kind of following this format. [B]checkRequirements() [/B] * test that the user meets all requirements here
  9. Hey if you can get it online with players I'd gladly help you develop content. You can see from my project thread that I've been working with 562. I know how to work with the source you're using for the most part. I can always learn more but I'm pretty good at making things work.
  10. DoseSociety


    Good luck. I hope that you get this server online. I think you should constantly be making preparations towards releasing beta/alpha stages as soon as possible. [quote name='TitanTom']Dawg i honestly think your fake as hell now, ive seen so many dope ass projects, not a single have i played. PISSING ME OFF[/QUOTE] I think you're kind of right. He puts so much hard work and time into a project and then most of the time someone fucks him over. Maybe with our encouragement he'll actually make something out of this one. lol we can only hope really.
  11. This is the assignment. I find the task to be very complicated and confusing. [quote]After our class reviewing parts of speech, some nuances like abstract and concrete, and comparisons using metaphors and similes, plus the fun of playing mad libs with music lyrics, it's time for you to work more with these ideas in a more free and creative format. Besides playing with language, a goal of this assignment is also to get you thinking: who are you? who do you want to be? what have you struggled with? what have you overcome? what are you passionate about? what other things (resources, experiences, etc.) would you like more of? Your answers to these questions will guide you toward your passions and your project for this quarter. To that end, please find a song of your choice, from any genre you choose, that describes a person or situation. Once you've decided on a song, locate the lyrics (I recommend using the google machine). Copy the lyrics into a document, complete with the song title and artist. Annotate, or make notes on, the lyrics. Can you identify clever moves the artist made (e.g. plays on words, examples, concrete and abstract details, etc.) Then, beginning on the next page, update the title, if necessary, and list yourself as the artist. Now you're ready to update the song lyrics. (You might want to paste them here again and work through them, updating them; or you may want to refer back to the original as you compose your original work.) This will be like we did with mad libs, but in a more thoughtful and intentional way. Don't simply replace verbs with other verbs or nouns with other nouns. Instead, take whole sections of the song and replace the content with your own, describing your self, your experiences, your desires--whatever fits in that section, so long as it's all about you. Mirror the original artist's clever moves--what you've identified in your annotations. For example, if the artist used a metaphor, you should use a metaphor. If the artist gave a detailed example, so should you. When you're finished, you will have created an original composition that may well look parallel to or in the same style as the original, but will be clearly different from the original. Not a poet or lyricist, you say? That's quite alright. Your composition doesn't have to rhyme or follow any type of format. All it needs to do is generally mirror the same ideas as the original song, of course with the content updated so you are describing your self, your experiences, etc Please turn in the complete document with the original song first, complete with your annotations, followed by your original composition, by class time on Wednesday, Jan. 7. This assignment will be evaluated for: following basic instructions (including the annotated original, followed by the new): 5 points mirroring the original, both in length and especially including clever strategies: 10 points Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask.[/quote]
  12. This would make for a useful tool. How accurate?
  13. You need to create the appropriate settings.dat file under C:\Militus\ I'm guessing. Hope you get this one figured out :)
  14. What's your preference? I want a video series that yields a strong independent programmer.
  15. [quote name='Lacero']if you couldnt understand and learn from all his videos you probably shouldnt be programming lol[/QUOTE] Lol, what I mean is that his videos teach you bad programming practice and also I dont want to have to review the basics for the 5th time. I want to learn how to become a master programmer not a noob like the people that watch buckies videoes. I already watched them all and got what I'd get out of them. What I'm asking for now is professional education. I'm sorry but your comment is irritating because you don't know what you're talking about.
  16. I like tea in the morning. Some tea like guava and yerba mate supposedly get you stoned. I tried guava, I guess it kind of got me lightly stoned.
  17. [quote name='Demon Scopez']fuzen was dev on devious plus this happened on their own forums. but still idk why you would even attempt to dl this.[/QUOTE] I'm talking about all cases not just the one provided.
  18. [quote name='Christopher`']Because I'm in kinda good mood, I'm going to answer your questions and concerns. Wait, if you already spoke to Cart, why make a thread? The staff have already spoken about this. No need to get the community involved if the moderators are already aware of the situation. But, I digress, Yes, especially because it's the holiday season in the United states. The moderators aren't robots, and are, in fact, human, with human responsibilities such as school, jobs, and personal issues/agendas. But it's nothing that we do not currently know about. I've actually brought this up multiple times, albeit in simple conversation, but we could never figure out what to do. This will be corrected as needed, because we don't need 12 global moderators, and 3 Jr moderators. Take a look at the active user list, and the active in the last 48 hours list. It's surely not as big as when it used to be, for multiple reasons. It doesn't go Less people = More mods. It goes More People = More Mods. There needs to be a balance in the force of this community. Not a dictatorship. I'm not sure why you were getting concerned. As far as I know, Chad (Ziek`) checks the report boards almost daily and rids of cancer that plagues this forum. To be honest, that entire situation was just funny to watch and unfold. When the staff got bored of it, they closed the thread. Gave out punishments as needed, etc. Again, I fail to see why you care what the staff does, and doesn't do in public eye. They go invisible for a reason, and they don't have to explain or show why they are. Cart doesn't have to give you an answer to anything, nor does he even have to talk to you regarding the likelihood of Runelocus and it's moderators. Alright, keep reporting it then. I can bet what happened - People were busy because two days ago was a day after Christmas. Last time I checked the dates 24-12 to 26-12 are usually spent with loved ones and friends. Not to be spent on a forum. If the average user has an IQ higher than 5, then they can distinguish what is a legit download from a non-legit download. It only takes common sense to know 'oh, this poster has 2 posts and joined today, I shouldn't download this file with no virus scan!' Also, the "last online in the last 48 hours" does not mean they are currently on or doing stuff pertaining to the website, It just means they have/had a tab of runelocus forums opened. I don't think Members are disappearing, exactly. When one person leaves, three join to take their spot. People are getting older, and aren't interested in Runescape anymore. Where there is people whom have lost interest, there are always more who getting interested. Also, not posting, lurking != leaving the website. Ex. I rarely post, and bother with people but to check up on certain boards, but you have to realize what I, and even the staff do outside of this setting. The staff, I, and even some ex-staff are in constant communication about runelocus. Members, updates, etc. So don't go thinking that the forum is dying because there is no communication, because there is always a constant communication on what's happening on this site. Also, I feel if you [B]didn't[/B] want drama, you wouldn't have posted this thread. You would have spoken to Cart and he would have relayed the message to the staff chat (which, he did in fact do.) Any questions? *Note; I am speaking on my own behalf, the staff and moderation may have different feelings than my own.[/QUOTE] I'd like to see all members of this forum actively working towards making this site a decent place to learn from and enjoy. People actually have to take the initiative to make something. Nothing happens unless someone does something. I think the real problem is not the staff but the whole communities lack of initiative.
  19. [quote name='Arix']A virus scan would not say the file (such as the 'cheatclient' we recently heard from) is a virus as it is not a virus. It's a program that does stuff that every program does, only to a bad extent which most anti-viruses don't see. Then again some anti-viruses say that every client is a virus because it uses the Unsafe class from java. A class to directly manage memory. The only real "good" way is to have a team of people that dissect every download and check the code for malicious behavior. That is now bukkit has done it for THOUSANDS of programs. Their policy was: if you wish to get approved more quickly, give us the source code. If no source code was provided it could take 2 or 3 days before your program was approved and visible to other people. In bukkit that team consisted mostly of developers of the bukkit platform itself. Runelocus doesn't have such privilege. It would be a challenge to find people who are willing to look over all of this code and do it right.[/QUOTE] Well hope and fuzen seth both caught it. I think hope caught it as soon as it came out. I think they should have the privilege of approving downloads.
  20. [quote name='Demon Scopez']You gotta be extremely stupid to download a "cheat" client when the user posting has a low post count or registered date. Or; Make a rule where a virus scan is needed for a download thread, if a virus scan isn't included; lock the thread until they provide one.[/QUOTE] You're right and we need to protect the stupid people from themselves.
  21. [video=youtube;qchPLaiKocI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qchPLaiKocI[/video]