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  1. very time I try to load my 718 cache with Frosty's Cache Editor and try to submit for the Item Editor I get a mess of messages in the console and it doesn't open the Item Selector GUI. If I can't get it to load with Frosty's but the cache will load with Something Catchy could I possibly use just that for client edits?
  2. Did you remove the packedNpcs file? You have to remove it for it to be repacked when you restart the server.
  3. Would you mind talking some more? I'm trying to come up with a plan for how I'm going to study programming over the summer.
  4. That unfortunately is not how it works at all.
  5. Thanks for you response, I'm just finishing a VB course right now, and I've been playing how I will study programming over the summer. Got any good all inclusive python courses you know of that I could start with?
  6. Thanks for your meaningful response Yeah unfortunately I need to understand concepts of programming. Been going through the VB and honestly its kind of pain staking with the massive amounts of boiler plate.
  7. Is learning visual basic an important stepping stone in learning programming? I was wondering if it is actually helpful for someone with no experience to learn. For example could learning visual basic help when you move to a language such as python?
  8. Thanks for your guidance, Im going to take a go at it.
  9. Any idea how hard login is Todo?
  10. DoseSociety

    OSRS client question

    I was wondering if anyone has reverse engineered the official OSRS client yet, or if it would even be remotely possible. Thanks for your answers.
  11. Is it really less code? I would like to see that demonstrated. I was imaging that an enumeration might be cumbersome for the class that fuzen has writen.
  12. You don't really need an enumeration do you? Couldn't you just create an array with the rares, then made an if statement that calculates weather they gained a rare or not; if they got the rare give them only that, if they didn't give them the ordinary item. Either way good job keeping up on of this content you release fuzen.