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  1. some one please help me i jared the client atleast 6 times and then it works on vps when i give it to a friend of use it without vps says that error a java exception has occured i know you guys want me to take a prntscreen of the bat file but please just add me on skype and i cna share screen or tv tyou :( my skype: live:gezmis1998
  2. lolking lolking Okay so i changed the compile thingo and run to my jdk and jre whatever now i run the source no problem but says running of some kids no-ip and now its good i guess idk and i run the client bam! gives me errors idk what i did wrong my coder is offline but i want to try and gain the balls to take this problem on my own :c im a legit newfag never even knew how to compile change ip to my vps ip just learnt a second ago i guess this is the prntscreen to the problem im receiving [url]http://imgur.com/qQWW0HB[/url] my skype live:gezmis1998
  3. looks pre beast tbh with you