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    The link doesnt work
  2. I learned basic java and c++ through college. I know a little bit about the 2 languages. i just dont know where to look to fix this problem.
  3. DirtyBubble

    Cache packing

    you do know this is 2 and a half years old right?
  4. Hello everyone. I am new to java and coding and rsps. I am wanting to learn from scratch and found a blank source with pretty much nothing added except for orbs. There's no skills or anything. One of the things i can't seem to figure out is the combat. When I kill any npc, it always trains the attack skill. Ranged trains range but it won't train def if long range is selected. Magic wont will only train if u manually select each spell. Autocast wont work and if you use a staff, it wont use the spell. I just need some guidance as to how to fix this. Thanks.
  5. do they respawn if you spawn them in another area?
  6. I have all the files. I just need to know where to put them at.
  7. you have to give more information for anyone to help.....what does the error say?
  8. Hey everyone. I am looking for help adding 525 data. I downloaded the data from here:Data Releases (474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667) I just don't know where to put everything. I'm a noob client sided. Please help
  9. I am not sure. All i know is its a 317 pi loading 562 items. I do not know what map its loading. The reason why i dont find another source thats already the game frame i want is because my friends source has a lot of stuff added that i like and would be a lot to add them to another server. So I'm trying to figure out if its possible to make it the oldish school graphics and game frame without causing too much trouble.
  10. Hello everyone! I just got a friend's old server to play around with. I am trying to make it like the old school gameframe(either 474 or 502). Currently its a newer version and I don't like it. I found some guides but all the sprite links were down and the guide I found had 5 links in it that lead to other guides. Can someone either add me on skype and walk me through it or guide me to a guide that has everything in one place? I just want the old school look. Thanks in advanced!
  11. what is ur code for the make over mage?
  12. I love to learn. will you teach me some stuff? lol
  13. what revision are you loading? a 317 revision doesnt have godwars originally.
  14. Ahh ok that makes sense. Just get the magic lamp id and rename it to the skill i want and make it give just that xp. Ty so much.