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  1. imsoepic

    Murder of James Foley

    really fucked up video. im canadian and those actions call for war.
  2. looking for a classic 317 to play or build with someone, don't want it to have any customs or dung etc.. just a classic kind of server with low - med exp rates.. and maybe even gwd. also looking for it to have only 5-20 players online at a time for now. i would like to grow with the server.
  3. shit server tbh, to many staff for the amount of players and owner is an idiot.
  4. owner is very active but server is VERY hard to aquire items. normal runescape would be a better choice. people play rsps` to have a little cheat and get items quicker. also VERY expansive donor shop for new server.. $100 for divine??? $40 for ags??? crazy prices.
  5. runelocus has always been a rsps website, i believe it would decress what people think of it being the #1 rsps toplist.
  6. looking to start a 317 with someone with coding experience. must be able to host for 1-2 weeks once started. after that if im happy with how things are going i will then buy vps or dedi for server to run on.. will split future donations 50/50 after cost of running (vps/dedi & forums,) i offer many ideas great ownership startup $ some basic coding knowledge.